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Norman Lowell Interview - May 2011

The following is my interview with Maltese artist, author and politician Mr. Norman Lowell, conducted in May 2011. Mr. Lowell was kind enough to accept my offer of an interview and I give my sincere thanks and appreciation to him for sparing his valued time to share and express his opinions, insights and ideology in this format for the Fyrnsidu Project. It was my hope to garner a more personal and sincere picture of the man as opposed to how he is portrayed in the controlled mainstream media, and to this end it is hoped readers will find this interview of both value and interest.

Hello to you Mr. Lowell. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to interview you and I hope this will serve to educate our readers as to your true beliefs and philosophical and political ideology, and also to find out a little more and understand the man behind the sensationalised newspaper headlines. Indeed, I first came across you after hearing a radio interview with you a few years ago and I was very impressed, even with a casual yet very serious interview, I found you a very powerful and passionate speaker - this is what struck me initially and has stuck with me.

Thank you for inviting me to this interview. I do not consider Politics as just another job, as most of today’s politicians do. I regard Politics as very serious business, ultimately deciding the fate of our Peoples, High Culture and Civilisation. As such, I speak passionately and truthfully – there is no other way.

I would like to start by asking you to introduce yourself. Please tell us a bit about your background from your childhood growing up in Malta to your involvement in nationalist politics?

I am descended from English and Italian families who settled in Malta. The Lowells arrived in the 1800s and my father’s mother, my direct grandmother was a Hampton, an Englishwoman who never spoke Maltese. My great grandmother on my mother’s side was Venetian. When she flew into a temper nobody understood her!

As a young boy I was always an avid reader. I was continuously groping, searching – I did not know for what, at the time. At 21 years I discovered Nietzsche and of course, he changed my life. Moreover, I was fortunate to meet Rev. John Milne, the Presbyterian padre in Malta for 20 years. He gave me an education no formal schooling, college or university could give. He was a scholar of the old school – “I know everything – anything I don’t know is not knowledge!”

Later I travelled extensively and witnessed Rhodesia succumb to the joys of Black rule. It was an indelible experience. I resolved to get to the bottom of this mystery: how the West, all powerful could betray fellow Whites and leave them to the mercy of grubby, Black tyrants. I became a committed racialist. Not only that, I was resolved to create my own Ideology for the survival of the entire White Race, that Biological Aristocracy that gave the world: everything.

The seed of Imperium Europa was sown and was to germinate for a time, before bursting into beauty and power.

On February 28th 2011 a Maltese court up-help your application in regard to you issuing a complaint to the effect that you were denied the right to appeal the March 27th 2008 conviction that was handed down to you. It is my understanding that you were sentenced to a 2 year jail term that was suspended for four year and ordered to pay a 500 Euro fine for alleged racial hatred and insulting the President of Malta. Please could you give us some background to this escapade and your views on it?

A long, drawn out case where a whole, decrepit and corrupt Establishment did its best to imprison me for 12 years - and this, simply for defending my Country and my People. The usual Hidden Enemy fanned the fires and egged on the lackeys: the newspaper columnists and so on. An incessant hounding and baying against one, lone Individual – and I was rarely given the time to defend myself publicly. TV was barred to me.

Fortunately, I was assisted by a formidable lawyer, Dr Emmy Bezzina, an expert on EU Law. Finally, the Constitutional Court to its credit, threw the case back to the Appeal Stage, where I had been denied a fair hearing on a mere technicality, an aberration of the law that had been left unchallenged for 112 years. Thankfully, my case has put paid to that and now, is cited, practically daily at Court, as a historical test case.

We have confidence that the Appeal Court, now differently constituted will find in my favour. If not, we are determined to go all the way to Luxembourg to seek redress.

You head a political party by the name of Imperium Europa (Latin: European Empire) that you founded in the year 2000. Please can you enlighten us as to your party’s platform and its impact on the Maltese political scene from its inception to today? What is the response from the public?

I started alone in 2000 with my book, CREDO. Immediately the local, Rodent community here attacked me viciously. Gradually, a few Adherents joined and we set up – a dynamic, English speaking Forum. Anybody who is anybody in Malta, visits it daily.

We had well attended public meetings, ignored by the Media. Gradually, we made headway and at the last MEP Elections we trebled our votes to some 4,000, with countless 2nd preference ones. We can no longer be ignored.

Lately, I warned the two mainstream parties that I will direct our voters to either one of them that tackles the Immigration issue. Being always neck to neck, this sent shivers.

We are confident that I will make it to Brussels at the next Election. It would change everything!

I have read your party, and your ideology, being described as pan-European, populist and racialist but also New Right. Would you agree with this and what are your views as to these terms in regard to them being applied to Imperium Europa and to yourself?

And that is what I mean by “everything”. For I will form and head a new grouping in Brussels: Nova Europa. You see, the EU in its present form cannot survive, simply because the EU started badly. The founding members put the cart before the horse. They placed Economics above Politics, above Race and above Spirituality. We intend to change that, inverse values – „the transvaluation of all values“.

Nova Europa will help dislocate Regions seeking autonomy from the various Nation States. Basques, Catalonia, Liguria, Padana, Tyrol... There are 300 separate, distinct Regions in Western Europe alone. As they break free, their representatives in Brussels will join the ever growing NE. A fever of Regional Autonomy will soon spread and Europe, from Ireland to Vladivostok, will fall into our hands.

Then, we will reach out to „Europe Overseas“ and help Europids find their freedom. North America (Vinland) comprising Alaska, Canada and a de -Jewified USA. The Latin American White Cone (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and the Southern, mostly German Brazil coast), Australia and New Zealand and of course, Southern Africa.

We will go back there and free the Afrikaners from the tyranny of Black rule. We will force all Blacks north of the Zambezi. Food will be our weapon, for the White Race is the only one that can produce a food surplus. We only have to appropriate the food producing areas and the Black man will starve within three months.

We will dump huge food depots and bottles of gin, north of the Zambezi - the Blacks will walk hundreds of miles for a free meal.

Yes, that is what I mean by “everything”. It can be done!

What is the concept behind Nova Europa?

NE is the precursor to Imperium Europa. As the various autonomous regions start joining the NE grouping, a time will be right for NE to metamorphose into IE. The Imperium will be initially formed by a few Regions, gradually increasing – an ever growing jigsaw puzzle till eventually, we will have a planetary Imperium for Europids only.

Outside of politics, what are some of your personal interests, pursuits and pastimes?

I am an Artist and an Author. My Art Dionysian Action Painting is done in an alcoholic frenzy, lasting less than 2 minutes. The stress is on impact, speed, an artistic blitzkrieg really!

I published two Books Credo: A Book for the very few, now quite rare – and Imperium Europa: The Book that Changed the World. Credo is principally a Libertarian view that ends with the Spiritual Prologue to Imperium. One book follows the other in a natural progression, evolvement of thought.

I have since my youth been interested in the oriental Martial Arts, principally Hsing I and Tai Chi Ch’uan. Their combination is encapsulated in Ch’uan Shu (The Way of The Fist), which is the Art I practice.

You were born in 1946 in Pietà, Malta, and now reside in Attard. What is your view as to how Malta has changed over the years and how do you remember growing up as a child in a time that is rather different to today?

Malta was a paradise up till the late forties: a jewel in the Mediterranean. British royals used to come here, in incognito to bath in our turquoise Mediterranean. An idyllic island now turned into a jungle of concrete, the product of greed and shortsightedness – greed of the rapacious businessman and the dilettante politician.

I intend to turn my Country back to its pristine, former beauty. Eventually, all buildings post dating 1800 will be razed to the ground. Our five medieval cities and an arcology housing 100,000 are quite enough. No vehicles will be allowed – Malta will be girded by an underground tube system. Not even an airport – travelers will use ships to and from Europe.

A rigorous eugenic and euthenics programme will be undertaken, with the population culled over three generations. The unfit will be sterilized while the brightest and best encouraged to have three children, at least.

Millions of olive trees will again cover the island, producing Maltese oil, the best in the world, known since pre Roman times. Exotic fruits and herbs will again be grown. The Maltese will become actual landowners and be close to the land.

We will unearth the forty or more prehistoric temples that we know, lie buried under blocks of concrete. We will let the Mediterranean sun caress them again. Malta will revert back to its true role: A Spiritual, Sacred Island – as it has always been since time immemorial.

We of IE are above petty politics. We intend to place Malta at the pinnacle peak of the coming Imperium. Melita, the island of honey will become what the Easter Islands were to the pre-Columbians. A Sacred Spot, a Sacred Space beyond the horizon, to where every Europid will make pilgrimage and find himself.

You are the author of two non fiction works - 'Credo: A Book For The Very Few' (1999), and 'Imperium Europa: A Book That Changed The World' (2009), which included a forward by former diplomat, professor, and author Dr. Tomislav Sunić. Please can you tell us a bit about each work and the reception that they have received? Who was your target audience? Indeed, what drove you to write these works and what were your inspirations? Indeed, I have read that the Malta Independent newspaper referred to your 2009 publication as your 'Mein Kampf'? What are your views on this and do you get tired of this lowbrow, baseless, and childish form of associating anything nationalist and pro-White to National Socialism, racism, and anti-semitism?

The seed of knowledge is planted in solitude – then cultivated in public. All my pent up feelings, knowledge accumulated over a score years poured out in both books. I had to be honest to myself first and foremost. I would not, could not compromise my weltanschauung, my outlook on the world.

Dr Tomislav Sunic wrote a splendid Forward to my second book. A superb introduction that in itself makes the book worthy. He honoured me with his intelligence and keen analysis.

Both books were met with a deafening silence. While every childish writing is greeted with copious coverage in the local papers, my books were studiously ignored. Nobody dared review them. Finally a prime time, popular TV programme hosted by Malta’s best TV host Lou Bondi, took me on. The whole island watched TV that evening – it broke all viewing records.

I am now inured to spiteful, low attacks that avoid constructive debate. I jump over the slow, the hesitant and the indolent and move on. Those predisposed to my message approach me – my words act like a magnet, drawing persons to our Cause.

Other than the above two publications, you have also written a number of interesting articles - 'Betrayal of Our Beloved Land' and 'The Struggle For The Soul Of Europe', and 'Radical-Racialist-Right-Revolutionary-Reactionaries' to name just a select few. Where can one find other articles penned by yourself?

Most of my writings, short essays etc., can be found in the archives of run by our Iron Lady, Etoile – that rare combination of brains and beauty. These essays should be collected one day and published as “Random Thoughts”.

Today, those who oppose the virtual genocide of their people and near destruction of their culture, heritage and traditions, are classed as racists and bigoted haters - at least this is directed to those Whites who attempt to counter this experiment for a one world latte coloured mono culture and folk. I reject this. I see us as the true 'anti-racists' and those who refer to us with idiotic labels such as Fascist and Nazi (almost always spewed from the mouths of those whom in reality have no real understanding of either term) - these 'genocidists' are the real haters and racists. I say this because I see with clarity that they are the ones who want to destroy distinctiveness and beauty, they are the ones that want to irreversibly bring true and cherished diversity to an end. They are the ones that are pushing for an end to individuality both on a singular and universal scale. They are the real haters. They are the ones that want to destroy the uniqueness of diversity and culture and heritage of all the different peoples of the world - with that of one in-distinctive mono-culture and race. I also note that these people who adhere to genocidism, these genocistists, praise those who want to 'Free Tibet' and call for action against those who want supremacy over this culture and people yet cannot see the double standard in their policy of a cultural and racial holocaust. You are praised and held on a pedestal if you counter the genocide of Tibetan culture, heritage and traditions yet you are a bigot and hater if you counter the systematic destruction of White culture, heritage, traditions and freedom. These same people often promote the destruction of unique beauty through mass, uncontrolled immigration and miscegenation yet also call those of us who criticise this and the racist, terrorist and supremacist State of Israel as evil and anti-Semitic - a State founded on racial segregation and for Jews as a people to preserve their own culture, etc. What are your views please?

So true in all you say. Our enemies, those who would destroy our distinctiveness, have no valid arguments. But they have the world’s media in their hands and use it, daily in an incessant barrage of verbal abuse at any defence, however mild, of Racial Pride.

Of course the internet has eroded our enemy’s former monopoly on news and dissemination of ideas – hence the attack on the internet and the need to “regulate” it. But it is too late, the genie is out of the bottle and it is not easy to put back in.

As you say, every people on earth are allowed to have “racial pride”. Allowed to strengthen it, expand it while contemptuously elbowing us aside. And of course everyone must bend his knee in front of the Jews! A despised tribe since pre-Christian times (Tacitus raved against them) – and still despised today, notwithstanding the media trying to portray them as victims of prejudice.

The truth is that they, the Jews are behind the frightening decline of the White Man. They gave us the French Revolution, the Bolshevist Revolution, two satanic cataclysms spewing pure evil and hate – and of course they, the Jews were behind the two greatest fratricides: WW1 and WW2. They crowned their destructive history by the creation of the parasitic state of Israel: that vipers den in the Middle East where international Rodent retires to, rests and recuperates after each destructive mission is accomplished in the host country.

I think many of use could well learn a lot from you, both from your experiences and insights and I put you in the same field as personalities such as evolutionary psychologist Professor Kevin B. MacDonald (and his rather interesting 'Culture of Critique' trilogy), Odinist Stephen A. McNallen, intellectualist philosophers Alein de Benoist and Guillaume Faye, author, publisher and intellectual elitist Alex Kurtagić, acclaimed historian David Cadwell Irving, author and musician Troy Southgate, philosopher Julious Evola, former diplomat and author Dr. Tomislav Sunić, Francis Parker Yockey, and author and documentary film-maker Representative Dr. David E. Duke, Ph.D. What are your views on these people and do you subscribe or agree with any of their 'ideologies' or opinions? - indeed, is their anything that you disagree with in regard to these gentlemen's views?

I have corresponded with most of them – and met some of them, as well. They have all performed admirable work in their respective field. However, as I had the occasion to state at the last New Right Conference in London in 2010: we have libraries full of our ideas, political/social philosophy and so on.

Of course, research and study and a continuous evolvement of our thoughts must proceed but, not take precedence. It is too late in the day, the situation is too dangerous. We cannot afford the luxury of endless philosophical debate and niceties. We need our prime movers, Leaders to step forward and Lead.

Oswald Mosley, that great Englishman who could have avoided WW2, always spoke of the „thought-deed“ Man. A Man who not only intellectualises everything (turning dough into dust – Nietzsche), but actually does, acts. Now, we have whole libraries full of knowledge, proving our ideas and facts on Race, improving our Politics, embellishing our High Culture, promoting our Creative thinking in economics...

But where are our real Leaders? We have the old, fossilised Conservative Right, that is worse than useless, in that they promote the illusion that something is being done - and the others who are beached in the 1930s. A disservice to NS and Fascism really, because they place them in a sort of museum, preserving treasures in dust free cabinets.

I have known personally first class individuals, with a sound ideological underpinning. I have urged, entreated these valid men to step into the fray. Yet, they will not move forward! They are content to „sip their gin and tonic in the garden“! And this, even when „the Right“ is making a great breakthrough in their own country. This is a pity and I cannot understand it.

We have to Act. We have to think and fight! We cannot leave the market place in the hands of thugs. We have to be the „Thought-Deed Men“.

What is your view with regards to folk-based European pagan revivalism that seems to be growing significantly?

I support it, for it will draw us away from Christianity, that disease of the mind. A perverse, anti nature, anti life religion that sprung from that pest hole in the Middle East.

Moreover, Paganism will draw us nearer to Cosmotheism. A belief, rather than a religion, propounded by Dr Wm Pierce, a great Man.

Cosmotheism: the attunement of Men to the Cosmos. To quote Pierce: Consciousness into self-Consciousness into the Conscious Manifestation of the Cosmic Will. For the Cosmos has a Will to Power of its own, continually expanding, asserting itself, creating anew…

In 2010 you spoke at a meeting of the New Right in London, England - that "UK-based pan-European nationalist, conservative revolutionary think tank and school of thought," which was organised by author and musican Troy Southgate whose chairman is Nietzschean intellectual elitist Jonathan Bowden. What if your view of this organisation? Indeed, please tell us what you see the New Right way of thinking as being - what is its purpose and ideology and would you describe yourself as New Right thinker, Radical Traditionalist and Revolutionary Conservative? Why did you decide speak before this organisation? Also, I understand that the New Right is an "elitist and anti-democratic organisation" - what are your views on these terms and if not democracy or dictatorship for example, then what? Do you have any plans to return to the UK to speak?

Of course, I am honoured to be invited to the London, New Right conferences from year to year. I meet very valid people while there, too numerous to mention them all. I respect Jonathan Bowden, an ambulatory library, a man of great erudition and a superb public speaker. He could speak for an hour, without notes: his words shot out like heavy machine gun fire.

Troy Southgate has moved from one Right Wing group to another over the years, organising the post war Groupuscular Right or "Rhizomic Right". One strand dies, two others sprout out - the Revolutionary Right has become the Groupuscular Right. A Janus headed Movement: with easy linkage amongst ourselves. Reinforcing each other, gaining influence - seeking Revolutionary Change to the existing order - non-hierarchical, leaderless, polycentric - resisting decapitation.

Groups constantly changing components, fluid boundaries, ideally adapted for survival in modern times. The Groupuscular Right is far, far bigger than the sum of its miniscule parts -
even though each group has a highly individual countenance.

The GR, or Rhizomic Right refuses mass movement politics - or alliances with mainstream parties. It focuses on an Elite cadre, with eyes fixed on a New Dawn. Enduring this Dark Age, keeping our Ideals pristine, refusing the ordinary political fray.

Racial Rootedness, against globalisation, liberalism and multiracialism. High Culture over politics, Quality not quantity.
A planetary political and culturally dispersed, but intense Force.

The Groupuscular Right provides Individuals with a personal sense of A Higher Mission: an Ideology. The GR is a Rhizomic, growing influence, indicator of things to come: Groupuscular Right to IMPERIUM! Troy Southgate is the quintessential Groupuscular, Prime Mover.

Although termed the New Right, it is my understanding that the British version (indeed, even many other European versions, including that in America) differs to that school of thought first explored by intellectualist philosopher Alain de Benoist (La Nouvelle Droite) in the 1960's and the term itself then was one not utilised by de Benoist himself but is one that the French and international mainstream media gave to it. How so does it differ in your view and do you have any like in Malta in regard to this school of thought?

The New Right differs from the “first explorers” like de Benoist and Faye in that it not merely intellectualizes Politics, but actuates them. Jonathan Bowden has been involved very actively in both the NF and BNP – and so many others. This is what I was referring to, earlier on with “the Thought-Deed Man” and the importance in active participation in politics, both National and at the European level.

Within the NR also, lies the esoteric sphere, the Spiritual realm. Jonothon Boulter is a prime example of the NR presence in esoteric circles. His range of contacts is truly vast. I value him highly.

So this is the beauty of the NR: it hovers over, influences the mundane political arena. In my view the NR is indispensable for the formation of Imperium Europa.

You are white, you are proud to be white and you want to see the continuance of your race, heritage, culture, and traditions, reach on into the future. This, despite what our detractors say, has absolutely nothing to do with 'hating' other races or cultures. Would I be right in this statement? What led and motivated you to become part of this movement, and what inspired you to take the road of political activism?

Rhodesia was my eye opener. Well, while in Rhodesia I came to realize the uselessness of conservatism: "we are fighting for our blacks" and all that. I remember that a conservative organization "The Save Rhodesia Campaign" had invited Gary Allen, a "right-winger" from the USA, to give a series of lectures in SA and Rhodesia, to which I attended. I noticed he reserved his most sarcastic retorts at question time for the most honest, patriotic Afrikaans who spoke openly about the need for the continuing separation of the races. An over-bloated gourmand, one evening after a typical gastronomical orgy of his, during which he kept wiping his soiled fingers on his shirt, Gary admitted to me he was Jewish! It suddenly dawned on me what we were up against.

At that time I sought and spoke with valid persons, one of who was SED Brown, editor of the SA Observer, an erudite man who had been in the intelligence game for years with the British Army. He opened my eyes as to this world wide malady afflicting the White Man, what it was all about: that Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin, flipped regularly by the same international-manipulators. From then on, I resolved to join the fight. From a bitter young man, groping, hitting out in all directions, I started formulating a plan of action and a philosophy for combating the Decline of the West. – The seed was sown and germinated in silence.

What is your vision of the future for Malta and our people? Indeed, what also is your view of the future for Europe as a whole and that of the world in general in the years to come? What are your views of the changing demographics and the effect it is having on western culture and civilisation?

I have a Messianic certainty that We shall prevail: that we shall have this Imperium – Imperium Europa.

The situation is grim and truly black for the White Race. We are merely 5% of the world’s burgeoning population. We are not breeding even to sustain our present numbers. Not only that, we are down breeding as every cabbage, horrendously deformed aberration of Nature, is coddled and preserved.

We are being contemptuously elbowed aside by all the rest and we take all this submissively. Why? Because we have a virus in our brain, our mindset: that virus is the Jew. He is our worst, most lethal Enemy – the Enemy within – the hidden Enemy.

Only when we square up to this Eternal Enemy will resurgence start. I consider the Jews as the world's foremost problem. They are at war against us, a Spiritual war – a war between gods, between angels and demons. Nothing we do to appease them, will be to any avail. They are implacable in their hatred of us, Europids.

Sometime after 2012, when we will install the Imperium, we will have to implement a „Final Solution“ towards them. We will uproot them from the land they stole, that viper's den in the ME. We will quarantime them on Tasmania, or Madagascar, both huge islands with ample farming and raw materials. We shall see whether the parasite can live without a host.

As for the Holocaust: The biggest lie since the Virgin Mary.

So, I envisage Nova Europa in Brussels as soon as I am elected there, end 2012. Launching of Imperium Europa from Malta, again in 2012. All else follows.

The Imperium will impose its Political Will on all the rest of humanity. We can starve the whole lot of them, in their millions, whenever we so wish. We will simply barter our food surplusses with whatever we need from them – nothing else.

Ours will be a cashless society. All financial transactions would be by an IE ID card. Such ID cards would be issued to Europids only, upon a genetic test to determine race. Without this card one would not be able to work, board a train, plane or bus. One would not be able to buy or sell, or procure food. Without this IE ID card, one starves.

All non-Europids would thus be forced out of the Imperium within a few months. After a deadline date, any non Europid found within our borders without the ID card, would be shot on the spot.

The Imperium will have sealed borders. Boats of Illegal Immigrants crossing the Mediterranean, re-named Mare Nostrum, towards Europe would be sunk. Non Europids attempting to sneak in will be shot. Any Europid who attempts to help invading aliens would be charged with treason and suffer harsh treatment. The Imperium is for Europids only - and none else.

18) I recall listening to you in a radio interview in 2010 with former diplomat, professor, and author Dr. Tomislav Sunić where you mentioned a new book to be released in the coming weeks from the date of that interview that was penned by an ex-United Nations executive that I think you were also writing an introduction too. Can you tell us some more regarding this publication?

Ah yes! Caivs Marcvs book named: The Imperian Manifesto is a follow up to mine. Here is my Preface to it:

“This was a much needed book. Coming just one year after the publication of Imperium Europa: the Book that changed the world, this masterpiece by Caivs Marcvs Idevs tackles the nitty-gritty, the nuts and bolts of the Imperium IDEA.

At first there was the word: Francis Parker Yockey with his Imperium, written just after WWII. Yockey was a brilliant political mind, a Man who knew the real enemy. A Man ahead of his time – a Man against time.

Yockey’s political options were extremely limited due to the dividing Iron Curtain. He had one political option: East or West. He was in Zugswang. He did what he possibly could, went as far as his political constraints allowed him.

Had Yockey lived now, he would have been the rightful bearer of the IDEA. A planetary Imperium uniting all Europids: the Anglo-Saxons, the Teutons, the Slavs and the Latins.

After the word of Yockey came the spark: the launching, the propagation of the Spirit of Imperium. This IDEA germinated and finally sprouted in Malta. This Sacred Island of Melita, most probably the remaining tip of Atlantis, that huge island, submerged. This Spiritual Focal Point of the coming, inevitable, unstoppable Imperium Europa. Malta ignited the spark that will set Europe ablaze. This Island steeped in the Arcane Tradition at the southernmost periphery – this inestimable Sacred Space.

Regeneration can never start from the decadent centre. Revolution and Restoration can only emerge from the periphery. Greece, a barren mountainous corner of Europe gave us the glory of architecture, philosophy, the arts. Britain, a small island on the western fringe gave us the Industrial Revolution.

But what is this IDEA of Imperium Europa? It is a glorious idea that could have been achieved around BC 870, when the roving bands of Europids could have united and installed it. Instead, they broke into rival City States, eventually the Nation States with the consequent, interminable fratricidal follies.

A planetary Imperium of Regions and Peoples, not Nation States, at the top of which stand the Elite. “An Elite beyond parliaments, parties, politicians, prostitutes and priests.”

And now, this superb scholar C. Marcvs Idevs gives flesh and bones to the Word and the Spirit. He witnessed decadence at the United Nations building in NY, where he worked as an executive. He left in disgust and searched, a solitary thinker, for a solution to the salvation of his Race and Civilization.

He found it in Imperium Europa. Of course he was predisposed, having visited the Sacred Island and came to know of me, though we never met. He studied the whole concept and embarked on this truly amazing work. No area concerning the Imperium has been neglected.

The author goes into methodical detail explaining both the Imperium (masculine) and Dominium (feminine) side. The various sub-races of Europids are described, along with their territorial dispersions. The geographic dimensions of the Imperium are illustrated, with the author pushing our future borders to their extreme limits.

High Politics and the Imperium’s relations with outsiders are elucidated, with a depth of detail that pins down all the seemingly intractable problems we face. And this, always with one single purpose: Everything for the betterment of the White Europid species.

But for all this to materialize one needs Political Will. And to implement Political Will one has to have Political Power! And Caivs Idevs agrees that the only Way Forward, the only solution lies in Brussels. We have to take over Europe!

Hence the Regions, as against the Nation States that can so easily be manipulated and set against each other by the enemy within. Regions retaining traditions, customs, dialects, laws – Regions protected by the Imperium.

But it is in the realm of Spirituality that personally, I was most intrigued. Caivs Idevs is both a Cosmotheist and a Cristist. He comes up with this solution to the problem of these two seemingly opposite beliefs. He agrees that The Elite have got to be Cosmotheists, but is convinced that Christianity can be evolved into Christology.

Christology means the expurgating of the Old Testament, which is intrinsically non Aryan in spirit. It also means making a distinction between Jesus and Christ, two contra-distinct personalities. Jesus is weak, non Aryan, feminine and feeble. Christ is masculine, strong and Aryan in spirit. So we have to expurgate Jesus and present our People with a new, distilled bible fit for our Race. Thus, Cosmotheism for The Elite – Christology for the People.

But I would not want to rob the reader of the many surprises in this truly breath-taking book. The erudition of the author is in no doubt. The English is professorial and the book is divided into chapters, with practical sub divisions that make reference an easy task.

I leave the reader to pursue the
IDEA in its practical implementation.”

Having been involved in patriotic, nationalist, and racial realist activism for some time, I am sure that you have come across the taboo subject of the 'Jewish Question' and their influence in the Western world (Zionist and Jewish Supremacist's, NOT all Jews collectively) - particularly in America:- (see academias J. Mearsheimer and M. Walt's book 'The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, the subsequent documentary, Dr. Dukes videos and scholarly publication 'Jewish Supremacism' and journalist Mr. Oborne's documentey about the Israel Lobby in Britain, it's accompanying booklet, his Guardian piece (and courageous Jewish musician Gilad Atzmon's article on the documentary) and his Jewish colleagues foreword to the booklet, and his article in the Guardian and Mr. Websters in depth analysis of the documentary in his Occidental Observer article. Also see Alistair H. Fenner's controversial article here which also appeared here in an edited format regarding Britain being under Zionist control. It cannot be understated that in comparison to their tiny number as a percentage of the respective countries populations, they wield immense power. Unfortunately, I have observed great blame put onto collective Jewish shoulders for all that is wrong in our nations. Personally, I believe that, yes, Jewish Supremacists are a major factor, but we cannot forget the Zionist and gentile Christian Zionist Shabbos Goyim. Nevertheless, regardless of what power Jews or their lackeys wield, and they most certainly do (and I truly this should be exposed), Whites are the real ones to blame. We are the architects of our own demise. We let this stranglehold on our integrity cement it's grip. It is we that need to look to the future and not the past. We need to look into the mirror rather than accuse others. We need to focus on a future rather than simply moaning about what once was and shaking an angry bitter fist into the air (and in regard to this I would highly recommend the book by Faye and it's review). This book and it's reviewers author factor in what we need to do in regard to moving forward rather than back. I might add that my opinion is that Whites focus too much energy on the negative, always moaning, always griping at what is holding us back, which does nothing to gain support. We need to offer a future, and focus also on the positive and what we can have and not solely on what we have lost. We need to offer something rather than angry bitter old men. Would you agree with this and what is your view on the topic? Do you think that because of the controversial nature of the subject of the 'Jewish Question', that it should be left alone, or in a free and democratic society, criticism should be had regardless? At this point, I would like to quote the Englishman A.K. Chesterton from his 1965 publication, 'The New Unhappy Lords: An Expose of Power Politics' - a statement of which I certainly hold to be true: "Whether or not One World is the secret final objective of Zionism, World Jewry is the most powerful single force on earth and it follows that all the major policies which have been ruthlessly pursued through the last several decades must have had the stamp of Jewish approval. Indeed common sense applied to such facts as have come to light must lead to the conclusion that the policies, directed against the most cherished Gentile values, were incubated by adroit Jewish brains and fulfilled, or carried to the verge of fulfilment, by the dynamism of the Jewish spirit. At the same time, so many Gentiles are associated with the conspiracy, both directly and through the formation of fronts, there are so many Gentile agents and agencies, and so many Gentile governments which have acquiesced in the conspiracy by falling into line with policies inimical to their own national interests, that it would be ludicrous to offload upon Jewish shoulders their own responsibility for the destruction, or near destruction, of Christendom and the Western World. Nevertheless, it would be equally ludicrous to deny the Jewish part, especially where it is admitted...'' "Had we of the Gentile nations stood firm in defence of our own traditions and values, instead of cravenly capitulating, the Jews would have remained what they ought to be - a small sect living contentedly and at peace with their neighbours, exercising neither national nor international power and entertaining no inordinate ambitions. That, as I wrote at the outset, is how most of them actually do live. That a minority of them has been able to mount such a stupendous drive for world power is not their fault but ours alone, and it is we who must put things right - or perish. The way to put things right is not to engage in 'hate campaigns' (which in any event more often than not play into Jewish hands) but to make a determined stand for our own legitimate and distinctive interests." As well as the above, would you agree with this statement and what is your opinion on this matter?

We have to recognize the deleterious, destructive nature of the Jew and its effect on our Race over the past 2,500 years, at least. This most lethal enemy cannot be ignored and will never go away. We have to tackle this enemy, at first “cooking them like small fish” as Lao Tzu puts it. Then, after this Dark Age, Kalyuga, their age ends in Dec 2012, we will resolutely confront them, openly and without fear – and put them in their place, where they can do no more harm.

Our Age, Kritayuga the Golden Dawn is just yonder – 2012: Anno Zero! Everything will be easier for us as we roll the Enemy back. Fortunately this cycle is the 20th one and the transition will be easy. 100 years of Sangum Yuga.

By then we will have a consolidated Imperium. Our sons, the future Elite will be Supermen, veritable Gods on Earth. Then onwards for the conquest of the solar system and the beyond – till we come face to face with Godhood.

Having been bandied about so much and so undeservedly (see for example the online documentary film, 'The Darkside of the ADL' - and major Jewish production 'Defamation' by Yoav Shamir (reviewed by Gilad Atzman) do you feel, as I do, that the derogatory term and epithet 'anti-semite' today has now become defunct. Would you agree? When I say this I mean that it has lost all true meaning because it is thrown around so willy nilly and because this term is thrown around so much at undeserved targets it has lost it's true meaning and subsequently dishonours those that are truly victims of genuine 'anti-semitism.' Additionally, in 2002 syndicated columnist, journalist, and writer Michael Joseph Sobran stated "An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews." and British Captain Archibald H. Maule Ramsey, M.P. stated in his circa 1952 publication 'The Nameless War' that "The phrase 'anti-semite' is merely a propaganda word used to stampede the unthinking public into dismissing the whole subject from their minds without examination: so long as that is tolerated these evils will not only continue, but grow worse." - would you agree with any of the above and what is your opinion?

The Jews and their lackeys, traitors of their Race have been hurling these worn out words: “racist” and “bigot” and “anti-Semite” for the past half century. Nobody really cares now. They have had their innings and they are rapidly coming to an end.

What authors would you recommend to readers with a similar political and intellectual persuasion as yours?

The core group:
Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching
Nietzsche: Zarathustra, Birth of a Tragedy, The Gay Science…
Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf
Francis Parker Yockey: Imperium
Savitri Devi: The Lightning and the Sun

And of course the excellent Occidental Quarterly and others.

I am often asked, mostly by whites but at times others, why I care about my race and its continued existence. Indeed, some have expressed interest but also questioned as to why it matters if our race dies out furthered by the query of isn't it just fine that we all just get along and work towards a better world in a multicultural existence. I would be interested in your view?

This is where the Hidden Enemy has brought us to. Whites indifferent to their Race and its very survival – a death wish even. Unbelievable.

The Imperium will change all that, at the schools, colleges, our universities. We will stop churning out morons, educated idiots, full of knowledge but empty of any real wisdom. Yes, we will give a complete, all round Education and instill Racial Pride in our Youth.

It will take three generations to change the present “small man” of Europe into the Superman we have in mind – but we will get there.

What is your view on the growing presence of Islam within Malta and Europe as a whole? It seems to me that here in the UK many focus on the 'Muslim menace' (and indeed we are capitulating in various ways, such as offering Halal meat in schools, hospitals, etc as the Daily Mail as recently exposed without the public's knowledge) - would you agree that Islam needs to be curtailed in the UK full stop, or do you see those that focus so much on this issue (BNP, EDL, etc) as simply sniping at the symptoms of a greater and deeper problem, as opposed to rather focusing on removing the cancerous cause at the root of it all - uncontrolled open border immigration, treasonous politically correct egalitarian liberal politicians, Zionist puppet masters behind international finance, mass media and politics? (please see for example Dr. David Duke's online radio interview with the Mike Conner of October 27th 2010 and his January 18th 2011 interview with Dr. Tomislav Sunić). What is your view?

The question is: who created this present “Islam problem”. Who turned a billion Muslims into our implacable enemies? We have to open the eyes of our People as to the real Enemy.

The Muslims are no threat to us. We can starve the lot, whenever we so wish – they have little food growing areas. If we cut off our food supplies, they starve within six months.

We will reach a grand accord with the Muslim world, encouraging them to create a grand Caliphate, stretching from Morocco to Indonesia. We need not fear it. We could live as good neighbours, bartering our food surpluses for their oil – for they can’t eat it.

What are your views on modern academia and university education? I ask because I found Mr. Kurtagić's insights on modern academia very interesting, both trough his novel Mister (pages 142-144) and his article 'Memoirs of a Dissident Student in Postmodern Academia' and how the Freudo-Marxist and Liberalist takeover of academia is having an effect on students pouring out of Universities today. What are your views on this? Would you agree that although enlightened elements within our folk should, regardless of their detestation of modern academia, bite the bullet and follow through with it to earn that Ph.d. So ths at they can achieve with more credibility so much more in the future on the political and philosophical stage?

I agree that our Enemy has won the battle of words. They have corrupted our vocabulary and words that had a healthy meaning just sixty years ago, have become dirty words. Like “discriminate” “gay” “race” and so on. We lost this important battle because we abdicated and left academia to fall into the hands of the Jews and their lackeys.

There is no time left to waste on earning PhDs and what not. Useless since even if we go through all that, our best minds have lost their tenure at the universities, everywhere (Watson…). What is needed now in the imminent last struggle are good old, solid oak chair legs!

Thank you Mr. Lowell for this very interesting interview. This has been a true honour indeed. Any final words?

My pleasure. Final words? – Yes: We Will Win!

Norman Lowell
20th May 2011

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