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Interview with Caius Marcus Ideus - June 2011

In May 2011 I was honoured to have interviewed Maltese author and politician, Mr. Norman Lowell. During this interview he commented on a book that he has been extremely enthusiastic about, both during my interview and his radio interviews with Dr. Tomislav Sunić. The book in question is by former United Nations executive and author, Caius Marcus Ideus. So, being extremely impressed with Mr. Lowell's speeches and written works and his recommendation of the above mentioned book, in early June 2011 I decided to contact Mr. C. Marcus Ideus to see if he would be interested in being interviewed for the Fyrnsidu Project, to which he graciously agreed. I cannot thank Caius enough for this opportunity and I equally cannot recommend his book, 'The Imperian Manifesto', highly enough. It is with great pleasure that below I present to you this interview with Caius Marcus Ideus. His book (first edition) is available from  Amazon US here, UK here and LULU here. Please also visit the Facebook page that he has created for the 2nd Edition. Additionally, I recommend his radio interview Dr. Tomislav Sunić on the Voice of Reason radio show, the 'Sunic Journal'. 

Hello Mr. Caius Marcus Ideus. Let me begin by thanking you for agreeing to be interviewed for the Fyrnsidu Project. The Project is greatly appreciative and I am sure its readers will find this interview of great interest.
It is my pleasure. I thank the Fyrnsidu Project for giving me an opportunity to share my views with its readers. I appreciate the FP’s mission to expose as many as possible to the ideologies of the New Right (particularly those developing in Britain and Europe). It is only from the New Right (the Radical Right), and New Right groups like IMPERIUM EUROPA, that positive change will come. I am convinced of that one-hundred percent.
Let me please begin by asking you about your background - when and where were you born and what was your upbringing and education like?
I was born on June 17, 1979 in Port Jefferson, New York—a quaint little hamlet on Long Island’s North Shore. The economic background of my family could be characterized as lower-middle class. Culturally, however, we were light-years beyond our neighbors. We listened to Strauss and Tchaikovsky, read classic literature, we were interested in science and progress, mechanics, politics; we were never “sports fanatics.”
Until I was thirteen, we were always moving from one rental to another. My father worked for the telephone company and my mother was a devoted housewife, a saint of a woman, who entered the teaching profession at the same time that I began kindergarten (still teaching on the 5th and 6th grade levels to this day). She followed me from school to school in my early years, keeping a close eye on my educational development. My parents were also very involved in our Congregational Church, teaching Sunday school at the confirmation level—so they kept a close eye on my moral development as well.
But I do not want the reader to get the wrong idea: my upbringing was not at all strict or rigid. In fact, on my father’s side, there was always a hullabaloo of some kind (in a good sense). My paternal grandparents were always fighting and swearing and laughing and living. As far as family is concerned, it is not possible to have done better!
What is your ancestry?
I am five-eighths Italian, one-quarter Ukrainian, and one-eighth English-Irish. I am the map of Europe (and I think I “look it” as well). My Italian ancestry is on both sides. My father’s people (a long line of geniuses) came from a small mountain-top village in Molise called Castropignano (the ancient Palumbinum). Ultimately, on my father’s paternal side, we can trace our heritage all the way back to the Samnite mountain-folk who destroyed the Roman legions in the Battle of the Caudine Forks (near Benevento) in 321 BC. The Romans learned a variety of lessons from their wars with Samnites—wars which molded them into the finest fighting force of the ancient world. My mother’s people came from Palo del Colle, Bari (on her father’s side) and Melito di Napoli, Campania (on her mother’s side). The side of the family from Palo del Colle (the ancient Palium) can trace its origin to the gens Porcia, whose most famous ancestors were Cato the Elder and Cato the Younger.
The remaining parts of my heritage are all on my father’s side. My Ukrainian great-grandparents (on my father’s maternal side) came to the U.S. in 1905, from a small village on the Dnieper River called Kaniv. South of Kiev, the town is located in the exact center of the Ukraine—how many wars, upheavals and migrations passed through here! As for my English-Irish heritage (my paternal grandfather’s mother’s side), I know that my great-grandmother was one of Queen Victoria’s many cooks. I believe we are also supposed to be related somehow to the Duke of Orange, on the English side, but my late grandfather was unfortunately very vague in his explanation.
You have a very interesting Latin name, Caius Marcus Ideus. I have read that this is a pseudonym as opposed to your birth name. Is this true? If so, why do you choose to write under a nom de guerre?
Indeed, Caius Marcus Ideus is my “pen name.” At this time, for personal reasons, I do not want to advertise my family name online. I assure your readers, this decision has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with calculation. When the time is right, I will announce my birth name to the world. For now, those close to me know my birth name. If I was “untrustworthy” or an infiltrator of some kind, they could easily reveal my legal name to the world. But this is, of course, not the case.
Your name is sometimes spelled with a “V” in place of a “U” - can you explain the reason for this to our readers?
Yes, my name appears as CAIVS MARCVS IDEVS, usually in my writings, in order to show the connection to the regal Latin language. (Use of the lower case “u” is more informal.) As many of your readers would agree, the Latin language is Western Civilization in its linguistic form. It is incredibly rich and versatile representing the imperious Roman past, as well as the unified Western Culture under the thousand-year reign of the Holy Roman Empire.
As you are probably aware, Norman Lowell and I are staunch advocates of resurrecting the Latin language for a truly united Europe. Ultimately, we would like to see Latin reclaim its Destiny as the Language of the West. If the Ashkenazi Tribe could resurrect the Hebrew tongue (which had been dormant in Palestine for 2,000 years), why is it impossible to restore Latin to the revered place it held in our Culture until 1806? Many organizations and influential people within the European Union are actually, at this very moment, calling for Latin to be the Old Continent’s official language (or at least interlingua). So what is holding us back? Or better: Who is holding us back?
You were born in 1979 (the same year as I). Even though such a relatively short space of time has elapsed since then, how different do you see America today when compared to the America of your childhood. Indeed, how different do you see the world as a whole?
1979 was a pivotal year, a momentous year in world history. It was a year of symbolic political change which reflected a higher spiritual change—a turning point in the total Cosmic order. For example, it was the year of Ayatollah Khomeini and the start of the hostage crisis that eventually brought an American president to power by the name of Ronald Reagan. It was the year that the Soviet-Afghan War began, lasting a full decade and spawning a group of Muslim fanatics that would prepare the way for Osama bin Laden. It was the year of Saddam Hussein. The year of Margaret Thatcher. The year of Three Mile Island. If you take a good look at the problems affecting the world today, many of them can be traced to the pivotal events of the year 1979.
On a more personal level, I can remember a time that was more “normal” than the modern era. Growing up, I can actually remember having a “childhood.” Kids played outside, we left our front doors open, neighbors still looked out for each other—and these were all in working-class neighborhoods. This is not the case anymore. Children no longer play in the streets—either because of crime or too much traffic. And even in very affluent neighborhoods it is rare for people to actually know their neighbors. These are just some of the signs of our modern dystopia—the chilling Orwellian nightmare in which we are presently living.
Everywhere you look there is decay, the stinking rotting corpse of a once vibrant and healthy civilization. Forget 1979, I want us to get back to a level of High Culture that has not existed since the nineteenth century—and then I want us to supersede that! It can be done. But first we must take out all the trash.
You reside not far from New York City - how do you find this? What is the city like and are you more of a city dweller or a countryside enthusiast, or an even mixture of both?
I am going to be blunt about this: New York City is a rat-infested shit hole. I think if anyone is qualified to speak on this subject it is me. My family has been living in the NYC and surrounding metropolitan area for over 100 years now. Where once it was a truly “diverse” city having every single European nationality represented copiously within its sprawling city-limits, it is now a cesspool of Third World filth—a truly brown tide that is rising in its potency every second of every minute of every day!
Where once you were able to find the finest German bakeries, the best Eastern European restaurants, endless Irish neighborhoods, Scandinavians, Greeks, etc., now you can only find: Mexicans, Dominicans, Negroes, Chinamen, East Indians, anyone but Whites! East Harlem was once all Italian. The Bronx used to be all Irish and German. Where once there were tomato and vegetable gardens growing in the backyards of European immigrants, there are now run-down crack-houses and brothels.
Yes, New York City is a lost cause. But it is not only the city itself—it is also the suburbs and rural areas that are falling successively to the Muds. In places that did not even have one single Mexican a mere ten years ago, you can now see veritable “Tijuanas” teeming with genetic misfits, rats and cockroaches. In other words, our “multiracial paradise” is spreading in all directions, and to the great pleasure of the political whores in Washington!
You are the author of the book, 'The Imperian Manifesto: A Doctrine for the Coming of a God, a Government and a New Age', published in 2010, and graced by a forward by Maltese author, artist, Ch'uan Shu (The Way of The Fist) Martial Artist and elitist politician Mr. Norman Lowell. Please can you give us the premise of the tone and what prompted and influenced you to write it?
The Imperian Manifesto was inspired by the works of (first) Norman Lowell and then Francis Parker Yockey. When I discovered the works of both of these men, I had what can be called a “spiritual awakening.” It was as if every molecule in my body was charged with a newfound energy source. This was the Power of the IMPERIUM-IDEA flooding through my being. Naturally then, as a writer and activist, I felt compelled to help advance the cause of this great IDEA. I did so by producing a comprehensive overview of the IDEA in all its specifics. These include: matters of race, spirituality, the differences between high and low culture, the metaphysical and political (mundane) structure of both IMPERIUM and Dominium, individual rights in the coming IMPERIUM, and much more.
There is so much praise of your book internationally. I believe that it is somewhat a continuation of the elitist Francis Parker Yockey's neo-Spenglerian, Schmittian and Strasserian first book 'Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics' (penned in Brittas Bay, Ireland over the winter and early spring of 1948) and Mr. Lowell's 'Imperium Europa - A Book that Changed the World' (published in 2009). Is this correct and what influence do these books and men play in your own book and ideology? I ask also because Mr. Lowell was very praising of yourself and your book in the interview I conducted with him in May and in his radio interviews with Dr. Tomislav Sunić (on the Sunic Journal). How did you come to learn of Mr. Lowell?
Indeed, the three men to whom my book is dedicated are: Oswald Spengler, Francis P. Yockey and Norman Lowell. Anyone wishing to understand the cultural and political message of The Imperian Manifesto should first become familiar with Spengler’s The Decline of the West, Yockey’s Imperium, and Norman Lowell’s Imperium Europa. All three of these masterful works confront the declining power and influence of the Great Western Culture and, in the most honest terms, address the meaning of this decline for both the West and the broader world. Of the three, Norman Lowell’s work is the most essential as it represents the very basis for the IDEA. After all, Norman is the one who first realized the IDEA in its entirety.
I had first heard of Norman and his Vision of IMPERIUM EUROPA soon after he initiated it. I remember visiting his website a number of years ago, and I was quite simply captivated. This was at a time when I was still in my Leftist or “pre-war Mussolinian stage” (as I like to say). Even so, I still had the utmost respect for Norman, and more importantly I liked his IDEA. After reading his book, Imperium Europa, I was totally sold!
I think the reason so many people gravitate toward Norman and his Message is because, first of all, he is an amazing and brilliant public speaker. Secondly, he is brutally honest. And third, he is sincere. This combination makes it impossible for anyone to hate Norman—provided they are not psychopaths or those on the Far Left. So at the end of the day, many people might still be too frightened to come out of their politically correct shells, but they nonetheless respect and even envy Norman for having enough courage to speak the Truth—and this, in a country and Union where speaking the Truth can land one in prison.
Your book covers many, many topics. What segment of the book are you most proud of?
This is a difficult question, because so many parts of the book are interrelated. I would say that my greatest original contribution to the IDEA relates to spirituality and is three-fold: (1) my definition of “Christism” (or Positive Christianity), (2) how Christism differs from “Weakling Supremacist” Christianity (the dominant religious form these days), and (3) the non-threatening symbiotic relationship between Christism and Cosmotheism in our coming society.
Essentially, my position is that Christism can remain the religion of the masses, and Cosmotheism will be the “Science of the Spirit” of the coming Elite. I do not turn my back on the role which the Idea of Christ has played in Western Civilization. Indeed, the role has been great. This is nothing to be ashamed of when viewed in the proper context. An aggressive, expansive Christianity (dominated by the Aryan Soul) protected Western Man and Europa Mater against centuries of Barbarian attack. Let us recognize this, let us celebrate this fact!
Above all, this is the message I want our Folk to embrace: that the differing spiritual expressions need not divide us in our quest for a global, Pan-White IMPERIUM. On the contrary, our spiritual diversity can actually prove to be one of our greatest strengths. In our IMPERIUM everyone will be free to worship as they choose. With one general (albeit fundamental) stipulation: that the Elite shall be Cosmotheists! This must be the case because Cosmotheism is the only exclusively White spiritual expression that aims to fuse Science and Spirit—two necessary ingredients in creating the Overman, the Imperian Man.
What is the reason for using the word ‘Imperian’ instead of ‘Imperium’?
The word Imperian is used as an adjective for all things related to the IMPERIUM. As I also said in my radio interview with the venerable Dr. Tom Sunic, the word represents a higher plane of existence. We Imperians are not “imperialists” in the typical definition of the word. We are not looking to recklessly assert our political, military and economic power at the expense of all else (namely: culture, race, spirituality, etc.). For example, we are not looking to flex our military might in Zanzibar; nor do we want to set up sweatshops in Malaysia and the Philippines. Imperians are looking to elevate the White Race to Godhood, and beyond! Thus, we care only about doing what is good for the White Race. Let the Muds be the masters of their own destiny.
An Imperian cherishes the 14 Words of the late David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” Furthermore, an Imperian knows that this can only be achieved by establishing “a Europid bond forged through Spirituality, closely followed by Race, nurtured through High Culture, protected by High Politics, and enforced by the Elite.” This last quote comes from Norman Lowell, and it is absolutely vital to our worldview. The path to our liberation can only be an anti-materialist one; and the anti-materialist order of Organic Thought is as follows: (1) Spirituality, (2) Race, (3) High Culture, (4) High Politics, (5) Economics. This is the Supreme Order that all the great minds of White Patriot Thought have espoused since time immemorial.
The reason our Race and Culture is floundering about in the world today is because all of the above concepts are reversed, and so the values are inverted. The Age of Globalization—of horizontal, egalitarian exchanges—does not value Hierarchy. And so, there exists a quite non-Organic and unnatural system in which Economics is the pinnacle of all existence and Race and Spirituality actually count for nothing. The good news is that this system cannot last much longer; it is an inverse pyramid. How long can an inverse pyramid stand erect? Whereas the economic realm should provide a sound foundation for a society, it should never be a society’s capstone or raison d’etre.
This is a very basic view of what it means to be an Imperian.
I have read that a second edition is in the works, can you update us on this please? Also, do you plan on updating the texts with new editions or adding volumes to the work?
Yes, indeed. I am just about finished with the Second Edition to Volume One. I have made some changes, some tweaks here and there. But the Message is the same: the IDEA is the only Force that can successfully unite Whites globally. IMPERIUM EUROPA is the geo-political vehicle for this IDEA. We must (and will) establish our IMPERIUM EUROPA very soon.
The Second Edition is superior to the First in that it successfully explains the metaphysical/ontological primacy of the IMPERIUM as a Spiritual Power (or “Energy-Spirit”), and only secondarily is the IMPERIUM a terrestrial, geo-political entity. This, in accordance with the Hermetic/Traditionalist notion of “as Above, so below.”
After the Second Edition is published, I will focus on publishing additional volumes.
In 2010 Mr. Lowell spoke at a meeting of the New Right in London, England - the "UK-based pan-European nationalist, conservative revolutionary think tank and school of thought," which was organised by author and musician Troy Southgate whose chairman is Nietzschean intellectual elitist Jonathan Bowden. Did you hear this speech and what were your views on it? []. Have you engaged in any speaking arrangements such as this or do you plan to in the future?
Yes, I saw the speech he made in London last October. Norman was brilliant as usual! Unfortunately, I could not attend last year’s New Right Conference. However, I do plan to speak at the Conference this October. It will be a very humbling experience for sure—just being in the company of such giants as Troy Southgate, Jonathan Bowden, Tom Sunic, and of course Norman.
You have attended SUNY Empire State College and City College of New York. What is the focal point of your study?
In both cases, I majored in History. Just recently I finished my MA at the City College of New York—a very old institution (by American standards). I have always had a spiritual bond with the subject of History, ever since I was a child. As far back as I can recall, my father and grandfather were reading and discussing all kinds of history, and relating these discussions to politics and culture. So I tend to agree with the Mussolinian Doctrine that “outside of History, man is nothing.”
What are your views on modern academia and university education? I ask because I found Mr. Kurtagić's insights on modern academia very interesting, both through his novel Mister (pages 142-144) and his article 'Memoirs of a Dissident Student in Postmodern Academia' and how the Freudo-Marxist and Liberalist takeover of academia is having an effect on students pouring out of universities today. What are your views on this? Would you agree that the enlightened elements within our folk should, regardless of their detestation of modern academia, bite the bullet and follow through in order to earn a Ph.D. - so that in the future they will be able to achieve more in politics and academia? What is your view on the professorship where you have attended?
I totally agree with Mr. Kurtagić. I do not think any sane individual can dispute the fact that the vast majority of our Western universities are controlled by Leftists. The “Freudo-Marxist” takeover is an accurate assessment. Universities, today, are churning out veritable morons. From public school right on up to the university level, we are preparing our children for failure. This is evident. The “Freudo-Marxist” theme is central to this monumental failure, this modern tragedy. Children are being taught that they are nothing more than savages who are put here only to fulfill a reproductive-economic purpose in life. This is what drives the savage onward in his conquests (both the modern “Strauss-Kahn” and the ancient “Attila”): sexual lust and monetary gain.
Children are taught to memorize information, to take tests the right way, to trivialize History, to disdain High Culture, to embrace the multiracial cesspool in all its filth! And yet the very attempt at acquiring true knowledge is explicitly forbidden. How do we know this to be the case? Two words: Political Correctness. This concept is employed by the Leftist cultural-bureaucrats to stifle any attempt toward seeking the truth. It worked in Soviet Russia, and it is currently working in the “liberal democratic” West.
Addressing your question about whether or not our people should just “bite the bullet” and follow through to a Ph.D., I would say: it is up to the individual. Personally, I have seen enough of the “system” to put my doctorate on hold until there is a drastic change—essentially until the old order is destroyed. I have done my fair share of writing papers that suit the political orientation of my professors in order to attain an “A.” And quite frankly, I am tired of it. A paper is one thing, yet bluffing my way through an entire dissertation (the equivalent of a book) is not something I could accomplish; I am not that good of a “secret agent.” It would go against my “Aryan grain” so to speak.
In The Imperian Manifesto, I devote an entire section to what education would be like in our coming society. I will share my Vision here (as extracted from the book):
We of the IDEA understand better than most that education is the key which liberates an individual from being at the total mercy of others. Education is a great tool that can be placed firmly in the hands of our children—the next generation of leaders, scientists, doctors, explorers, artists, etc. There is, however, a great misconception today regarding that which constitutes education (true education) and the manner in which it should be applied.
Throughout the Western World it is a common long-standing belief that by simply cramming the heads of our children with information (mere facts), we shall turn out a generation of super-intelligent geniuses in all walks of life. This is a proven fallacy, and a blatant one! For the last half-century, our ‘great’ educators have been promoting this untruth, and have consistently been producing an ever increasing number of young idiots, a veritable army of morons! The educators fail to realize the apparent fact that genius is not taught, but inherited. Intelligence, like skin color, is a genetic characteristic inherited from one’s parents. As Madison Grant once wrote on the subject: ‘Genius is produced, first and foremost, by race—social factors, education may play a deciding role in bringing the genius to the world’s attention, however, the mental traits of genius are as plainly inherited as the physical traits on the genius’ face.’
In the United States, the education problem is accentuated. For more than 40 years there has been a policy of ‘lowering the bar’ (lowering standards) in order to get as many children to pass as possible. As in all other aspects of our Materialist-Democratic-Mediocre System, quantity is held in a much higher regard than quality. This policy forces the truly intelligent children to be constrained in their abilities, restricted and held back from achieving their innate potential.
Today in the United States, schoolchildren are showered with pizza parties for merely being able to pass basic geography—for being able to locate their own country on a map! High school students possessing Fourth Grade reading skills are graduating en masse. ‘Advanced Placement’ American History students are graduating college without knowing the names of the original 13 Colonies. All this, while the smart kids sit quietly in their seats, having learned (if not directly, then indirectly) to never flaunt their intelligence, to aim downward for the sake of mass mediocrity, to be tolerant of the ignoramuses in their midst!
For well over a decade there has been an entire generation of teachers who are products of this pitiful system—teachers who are complete morons themselves! Meanwhile, as the children of North America are getting stupider and stupider, business leaders are finding it necessary to import tens of thousands of inassimilable Asians each year to fill the so-called ‘high tech’ positions. They come from China and India, Pakistan and Malaysia, they come to replace our beautiful young White children who have been mentally raped by the ‘wonderful’ democratic system.
By now, it should be clear to all that the public school system has failed! It must be abolished and tossed into the waste basket. Not one more cent should be robbed from U.S. taxpayers to support this derelict institution, which can turn out nothing but future criminals and inept imbeciles.
Therefore, we of the IDEA, we Imperians, do not believe that school should be compulsory for all children. As the intelligence quotient shrinks in the nations of the Western World it becomes clear that most children do not even want to attend school! Of course, the current system is to blame: for not making the very process of learning fun and interesting. This is of course true. Upon our attainment of power, we will create a school system that is as rigorous and intense as it is rewarding. We shall implement a fully meritocratic system of education, which pushes the student to his maximum potential and then rewards him proportionally.
For those children who, by 13 years of age, no longer wish to attend school, we shall implement the ‘One Strike Rule.’ All children will be compelled to attend school up until thirteen years of age, right before entering High School (as it is known in North America). Through the years, the education board would have been assessing the child’s progress, determining whether or not he is eligible to progress any further. If not, the child will be prepared for a career, beginning at age 17, as a life-long servant of the State. Such jobs include: picking up garbage, shining shoes, voluntary genetic testing, and performing any form of backbreaking manual labor.
It must be made clear that all students shall be asked at age 13 whether or not they wish to further their education. If the answer is ‘no,’ regardless of the student’s progress or intelligence level, he will be ejected from school and prepared for a job as a State servant. He will, in essence, become the property of the State. This is the ‘One Strike Rule’: one word (one ‘strike’) against the pursuance of further education, and you shall be ejected from the school system altogether.
For those students who have decided to remain in school, and who have not been judged unworthy by the education board, an exciting program of study and physical activity will await them on the High School level. They will become familiar with cutting edge sciences, both in and out of the laboratory. They will enjoy a monumental classics program in which they will get to study the ancient Indo-European language of their choice. They will be subjected to the doctrines and theories of all the major political and religious philosophies—and, of course, the natural superiority of the IDEA shall be explored in full. They will indulge in physical sport and outdoor activities of all kinds, and be encouraged extensively to perfect their physical form. The students will be trained in an environment surrounded by High Culture at every step. Finally, they will learn what it truly means to be ‘cultured,’ refined, Aryan. This description is just a meager sample of what ‘education’ shall come to mean in our future IMPERIUM EUROPA. Above all, students will learn that the sciences, the arts, and euthenics are an integral, organic whole. And all this before they reach the university level!
By the time of their High School Graduation, students will be fully prepared for the university. Male students, that is. Since males shall be the only ones in positions of power within the coming IMPERIUM, they are the only ones who will need higher education. Female graduates (at the High School level) will have the honor of attending a Home Economics School, where they will learn the invaluable skills of becoming the best wives and mothers.
This, then, is a very basic outline of the IMPERIUM’s vision of future education—a vision that shall soon be implemented.”

I am sure that there have been those who have, behind closed doors, patted you on the back and congratulated you on your stances and opinions, but would never openly admit that. Has such a scenario happened to you and if so what are your views on this?
Yes, that has happened to me on a few occasions, and I understand the psychology behind this process. We all have our reasons for not “coming out” at certain times—sometimes the motivation is protecting one’s family from attack or keeping one’s job. I do not judge others harshly on this point. As stated earlier, I myself have chosen to use a pen name in order to limit the attacks of my enemies. Every person must choose their own time to break out of the politically correct prison. There is no shame in this; it is a matter of calculation and strategy.
When someone comes to me in private, and tells me he sympathizes with my views, I am appreciative. The person did not have to initiate contact, and yet he did. It is not my job to judge others, or to burn bridges which I may have to cross in the future.
You are, in this overwhelmingly politically correct society, such a courageous person for taking a positive stand for white civil rights and identity. Thus, how do your colleagues and professors view you?
In one word: Fearfully. There is a great fear in the eyes of those who listen to my views when I decide to reveal them, whether in the classroom or somewhere else in public. This reaction, alone, proves that Truth is on my side. When they fear you for just speaking your mind, then the argument is essentially won. Truth is on your side, and nothing can change that.
It is my understanding that for a few years, between your Bachelors and Masters, you worked as an executive at the United Nations and left in 2008. What were your experiences like at the UN and how did working there affect your worldview?
Working at the United Nations was a true “eye opener” for me. For years, I had heard rumors about the debauchery and depravity like everyone else, but actually seeing the degenerate culture of the U.N., first hand, affected me personally.
Without a doubt, this sovereign little entity on the East River, directly across the street from B’nai B’rith, is one of the evilest quarters on earth. While the bulk of the general staff (the “G’s” as they say) are amiable wage-slaves merely looking for their bi-weekly deposits, the professional staff (or “P’s”) are another story entirely. The corruption, debauchery, lechery, sexual perversions—in short, the degeneracy—of this latter managerial class is unbelievable. And then there are the many cults!

One particular cult which has a strong following at the U.N. is the one founded by Chinmoy Kumar Ghose (1931-2007): leader of the so-called Sri Chinmoy. A native of India who eventually found his way to Queens (New York), Ghose hoodwinked countless individuals into believing he was an eastern master (a “guru”). The followers of the Sri Chinmoy cult are (like Ghose) sexual deviants and inveterate liars. Its “faithful” include celebrities, political figures, and U.N. employees (especially among the managerial/executive class).

Soon after I was hired at the United Nations, I began hearing stories of child porn, bestiality, bizarre transvestite rituals, wife-swapping, and much more. These stories became more and more common as I met other general-staffers from different U.N. departments. It certainly opened my eyes to what the United Nations really stood for. I also began to notice that the general-staffers were very fatalistic and unhappy about their jobs, typically earning wages that could hardly keep their heads above water (due to the many “benefits” which were extracted). Contrary to the U.N.’s outward image of fairness and universal brotherhood, the image of this organization amongst its “own” was dismal, to say the least! I noticed many workers, therefore, drank heavily and socialized as much as possible after work. Attending my fair share of these engagements, I heard things that would make Hugh Heffner blush!

On top of all this, there is an unofficial rule within U.N. Headquarters to place as many Third Worlders as possible in managerial positions, particularly Filipinos and Negroes. In fact, the more debased the genetic material, the higher it is valued. This is because the U.N. is an organization which prizes, above all, the principles of tokenism, welfarism, and “lowering the bar” in every capacity imaginable.

By the time I was ready to leave the U.N., to pursue further education, I was more than disillusioned: I was strongly anti-humanitarian (as per the U.N.’s definition of “humanitarianism”).
What was it that got you involved with politics or at least taking a pro-White stance and being proud of your culture, heritage, traditions and race?
Upon leaving the U.N., I had a brief ideological void; I was neither this nor that, politically speaking. But it was on the morning of June 17, 2009 (at 7:34am) that I woke up to the great Leftist Lie. Looking over at the digital clock next to my bed, I realized that I had now spent exactly three whole decades alive on this earth. I did not set my clock the previous night, so I had no reason to arise at the exact moment of my birth 30 years later. Rather, it was my spirit, my subconscious that caused me to arise and then naturally reflect upon my life for the past three decades. I came to some negative conclusions, but resolved never to apologize for that which has contributed to making me stronger.
I finally rose from my 30-year slumber to the call of the global White Power Movement during the summer of 2009. It was then that I assumed the White Man's Struggle as my own. While spending a lot of time on the beaches that summer in Southampton, New York, I was infused (unknowingly) with the Cosmic power and wisdom of the Sun. By summer’s end, it was as if a great spiritual force of some kind had overtaken my soul. As if the unified Spirit of a thousand dead SS-men had possessed my very being. It was toward the end of that sacred summer of 2009 that I realized my future mission, interwoven inexorably with the Sacred Destiny of the White Race. Only later did I realize the immortal words of Ragnar Redbeard: “Man's body and sustenance is derived, directly or indirectly from the Sun. By it he lives, dies, and has his being. Let heliocentric force be withdrawn for an instant, and all life straightaway disappears.”
I then revisited the website of Norman Lowell’s IMPERIUM EUROPA. I had already been familiar with the IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA and had visited the website some years before, but now I was finally ready to embrace the IDEA fully as my own. Even while still a “Leftist” I had held a special respect for Norman Lowell; one which I had not reserved for others of the Radical Right. Now, I was ready to commit my life to advancing the Cause of the White Race. I vigorously studied the sagacious writings of Lowell and his predecessors, Francis P. Yockey and Oswald Spengler.

I began a correspondence with Norman immediately, looking to him as both a mentor and a comrade in this great Cosmic Struggle. In November 2010, I produced the First Edition of The Imperian Manifesto. And the rest is history!

You reside near New York City, a place recognized as the home of the world’s largest Jewish population outside of the racist, terrorist and supremacist State of Israel. What is this experience like? I understand that New York is also home to Neturei Karta (whom also operate here in the United Kingdom), an anti-Zionist organisation of Orthodox Jews that opposes the State of Israel. Do you know much of them and what are your views on them?
Yes, New York is indeed the true Jewish world capital—not Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem, but New York. And of course Zionism is also very strong here. But there are two kinds of Zionism: (1) the overt, as expressed through organizations such as the ADL, B’nai B’rith and the JDO; and (2) the covert—this includes all of the Economic, Cultural and Political Managers of what Yockey would call the Jewish “Church-State-Nation-People-Race.” The Culture-distorting Jews in the media and academia, on Wall Street, and in politics represent the covert type. They pretend to be serving “humanity’s” greater interests, in a liberal capacity, while they are actually committed to the aggressive promotion of Zionism. Some are aware of their role, and others are merely being manipulated by their fellow Tribesmen further up the Jew hierarchy. In any case, the result is the same.
New York City, like the rest of New York State and America, is controlled by the Zionist entity. The European Union is controlled by the Zionist entity. The United Nations is controlled by the Zionist entity. As soon as our Folk wakes up to this fact, and as soon as we do not give a damn about being called “racists” (acknowledging instead that this is just a manipulative buzzword), then change will surely come, and swiftly. But we still have White nations doing business with Goldman Sachs, and taking the poisonous wine of our most ancient and conniving Enemy. The same mistakes are being made.
I have heard something about this group, the Neturei Karta. If it is true that they are against Zionism, and they are willing to work with us in destroying World Jewry, then I will send them a copy of my book forthwith. It is possible to sit at the Enemy’s table without eating any of his food. Unfortunately, I am certain that this heretical group has very little power within the broader Jewish community.
Having been involved in patriotic, nationalist, and racial realist activism for some time, I am sure that you have come across the taboo subject of the 'Jewish Question' and their influence in the Western world (Zionist and Jewish Supremacists, NOT all Jews collectively) - particularly in America:- (see academia's J. Mearsheimer and M. Walt's book 'The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, the subsequent documentary, Dr. Dukes videos and scholarly publication 'Jewish Supremacism' and journalist Mr. Oborne's documentey about the Israel Lobby in Britain, it's accompanying booklet, his Guardian piece (and courageous Jewish musician Gilad Atzmon's article on the documentary) and his Jewish colleagues foreword to the booklet, and his article in the Guardian and Mr. Webster’s in depth analysis of the documentary in his Occidental Observer article. Also see Alistair H. Fenner's controversial article here which also appeared here in an edited format regarding Britain being under Zionist control. It cannot be understated that in comparison to their tiny number as a percentage of the respective countries’ populations, they wield immense power. Unfortunately, I have observed great blame put onto collective Jewish shoulders for all that is wrong in our nations. Personally, I believe that, yes, Jewish Supremacists are a major factor, but we cannot forget the Zionist and gentile Christian Zionist Shabbos Goyim. Nevertheless, regardless of what power Jews or their lackeys wield, and they most certainly do (and I truly think this should be exposed), Whites are the real ones to blame. We are the architects of our own demise. We let this stranglehold on our integrity cement its grip. It is we that need to look to the future and not the past. We need to look into the mirror rather than accuse others. We need to focus on a future rather than simply moaning about what once was and shaking an angry bitter fist into the air - and in regard to this I would highly recommend the book by Faye and its review. This book and its reviewers factor in what we need to do in regard to moving forward rather than back. I might add that my opinion is that Whites focus too much energy on the negative, always moaning, always griping at what is holding us back, which does nothing to gain support. We need to offer a future, and focus also on the positive and what we can have and not solely on what we have lost. We need to offer something rather than angry bitter old men. Would you agree with this and what is your view on the topic? Do you think that because of the controversial nature of the subject of the 'Jewish Question', that it should be left alone, or in a free and democratic society, criticism should be made regardless? At this point, I would like to quote the Englishman A.K. Chesterton from his 1965 publication, 'The New Unhappy Lords: An Expose of Power Politics' - a statement of which I certainly hold to be true: "Whether or not One World is the secret final objective of Zionism, World Jewry is the most powerful single force on earth and it follows that all the major policies which have been ruthlessly pursued through the last several decades must have had the stamp of Jewish approval. Indeed common sense applied to such facts as have come to light must lead to the conclusion that the policies, directed against the most cherished Gentile values, were incubated by adroit Jewish brains and fulfilled, or carried to the verge of fulfilment, by the dynamism of the Jewish spirit. At the same time, so many Gentiles are associated with the conspiracy, both directly and through the formation of fronts, there are so many Gentile agents and agencies, and so many Gentile governments which have acquiesced in the conspiracy by falling into line with policies inimical to their own national interests, that it would be ludicrous to offload upon Jewish shoulders their own responsibility for the destruction, or near destruction, of Christendom and the Western World. Nevertheless, it would be equally ludicrous to deny the Jewish part, especially where it is admitted...'' "Had we of the Gentile nations stood firm in defence of our own traditions and values, instead of cravenly capitulating, the Jews would have remained what they ought to be - a small sect living contentedly and at peace with their neighbours, exercising neither national nor international power and entertaining no inordinate ambitions. That, as I wrote at the outset, is how most of them actually do live. That a minority of them has been able to mount such a stupendous drive for world power is not their fault but ours alone, and it is we who must put things right - or perish. The way to put things right is not to engage in 'hate campaigns' (which in any event more often than not play into Jewish hands) but to make a determined stand for our own legitimate and distinctive interests." As well as the above, would you agree with this statement and what is your opinion on this matter?
Indeed, I agree with both your own statements and Mr. Chesterton’s. I have always said that the Zionists are only half of the problem; the other half is us. Quite simply, the tick is only as powerful as the dog allows; the parasite cannot survive without a host. In many regards, we Whites are our own worst enemies. If we willed the “Jewish Question” to be answered definitively, it would be. We have that powerful yet obviously submerged ability.
There is no greater illustration of our Civilization’s pro-Israel/pro-Jew trend than that of the Christian Zionist lobby here in the United States. These despicable rabbis posing as Evangelical pastors would have been lynched by their own grandfathers in more respectable times. Truly, they should have the lowest rung of Hell reserved for them, if in fact such a blazing Inferno exists! The modern “Judeo-Christian” craze, as far as terminology goes, is demonstrative of this suicidal psychosis affecting Western Man. To be sure: anything “Judeo-Christian” is a fraud, a scam, a lie. Our most high and noble Civilization has nothing to do with anything “Judeo.” It stands in stark contrast to everything Jewish and materialist; Western Civilization is the polar opposite of the Jewish Tradition.
This is why, in my book, I believe it is so necessary to distinguish between “Weakling Supremacist” Christianity, which caters to the Christian Zionist element, and Christism (or the positive, life-affirming role which the Idea of Christ has played in the Western mind and Tradition). Regardless if one is a Pagan, a Cosmotheist, an Odinist, this distinction must be made.
As a White Man, I am proud of Charles Martel, I am proud of the Frankish Crusaders (I only wish they went further!), I am proud of the Holy Roman Empire. The Enemy wants us to deny our heritage. But this, I will never do.
Politically speaking, what do you describe yourself as? What are your stances and views? Are you in agreement with the term ‘New Right’ and all that it entails, as with Mr. Lowell? Would you describe yourself as a New Right thinker, Radical Traditionalist and Revolutionary Conservative?
Honestly, I am not that concerned with descriptions. All of the above falls within the framework of my Weltanschauung—the same all-embracing worldview promoted by Norman Lowell and the IMPERIUM EUROPA Movement. I suppose you can say I am a New Right-Radical Traditionalist, Revolutionary Reactionary. Or, in one word: Imperian.
What is your view of this New Right organisation? Indeed, please tell us what you consider the New Right way of thinking to be - what is its purpose and ideology?
The New Right is, along with the IMPERIUM EUROPA Movement, the only shining Light of Salvation in an otherwise dark and insignificant world. I believe White World survival depends on the success of both the IE Movement and the New Right (operating within the former). I see no other way for our Race and Culture.
All of the composite factions of the New Right understand that Spirituality, Race and Culture must be elevated above Politics and Economics if our Civilization is to lift itself out of the current mudflats and eventually thrive as intended. This is not the “New Right” of social libertarians and economic imperialists; this is a New Right of Blut und Boden (Blood and Soil), of a united Science and Spirit, of Gemeinschaft (over gesellschaft), of Eugenics, High Culture, Radical Traditionalism, IMPERIUM.
For now, I consider the New Right to be the raw material (still unarticulated) of the more well defined and focused IMPERIUM EUROPA Movement.
Also, I understand that the New Right is an "elitist and anti-democratic organisation" - what are your views on these terms?
Yes, this New Right must be Elitist and anti-democratic. The kind of change we are looking for cannot be solved by typical democratic means. We are not going to “secure the existence of our People” by pandering to millions of Muds each election cycle at the polls. Democracy is the problem.
John Adams (America’s venerable second president and one of the truly “great men” in U.S. history) penned the following in an 1814 letter to John Taylor: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” It does not get any simpler than that.
By the same token, many are afraid that when we come to power, we will establish a perverse military dictatorship. While such a concern is understandable (especially when taking twentieth century history into account), this will not be the case. Why? Because a thorough system of Meritocracy (or what I refer to as True Aristocracy) will permeate all aspects of governance. There will not be any room in this kind of system for that dreaded disease of all modern dystopias: bureaucracy. The liberal-democratic and Communist bureaucrats will be sent packing! In their place will stand a dedicated Elite of philosopher-kings and warrior-sages; a Sacred Line of Thought-Deed Men, who neither stem from any privileged bloodlines, nor are capable of being bribed (as the economic realm will no longer be the capstone of society). The Hierarchy will be set up so as to permit those capable of rising to do so. Again, all inverse values will be reversed in our coming society.
On the local-regional level of the Dominium, the innumerable White ethnic groups and national cultures will enjoy many “libertarian” freedoms. They will be able to trade amongst themselves and promote their cultural identities with absolutely no interference from the State. A system very similar to that which flourished under the Holy Roman Empire will be in place—a system which encourages regional growth. Once again, people will know who their neighbors are. Families and clans will be well rooted in the soil of their indigenous locales. “Character” and “personality” will reemerge on both the individual and group levels. The antisocial dystopia will come to an end. And the defeat of the 1861 American Revolution for States’ Rights will be turned into a resounding Victory. Deo Vindice!
Although termed the New Right, it is my understanding that the British version (indeed, even many other European versions, including that in America) differs from the school of thought first explored by intellectualist philosopher Alain de Benoist (La Nouvelle Droite) in the 1960's - and that the term itself was not utilised by Benoist, but by the French and international mainstream media. How does the term ‘New Right’ differ in your view and do you have any schools of thought related to it in the U.S.?
Alain de Benoist is a remarkable man. A true visionary. It is a pity that most Americans have never heard of him. He is one of the “founding fathers” of the European New Right. His think-tank GRECE is simply amazing—an incubator of ideas that have shaped many of the views of New Right thinkers. Of course Benoist is also a strong advocate of the pre-Christian, Aryan religions of Europe—the Nordic, Celtic and Greco-Roman traditions. In Britain, the New Right can claim such dynamic Thought-Deed men as Jonathan Bowden, Troy Southgate and Jonothon Boulter.
In the United States, we unfortunately do not have any noteworthy organizations related to the European New Right. We do have “New Right-type” intellectuals and activists like Drs. David Duke and Kevin MacDonald. But the literal “New Right” Movement in America is very different—it is in opposition to the fundamental principles of the European model. In the 1950s and 60s the “First New Right” included men like William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and a number of former Trotskyite Jews. The “Second New Right” emerged after the unsuccessful Goldwater campaign in 1964, and was embodied by its poster-child: Ronald Reagan.
All of the American New Right politicians and intellectuals, despite their “conservative” label, were staunch supporters of liberal democracy, egalitarianism, and of course free-market capitalism. As such, they were completely at odds with the likes of Alain de Benoist who, it must be remembered, made the famous statement: “Better to wear the helmet of a Red Army soldier than to live on a diet of hamburgers in Brooklyn.” This was perhaps a farcical comment, but it highlights a deeper truth: the American New Right was fundamentally defined by anti-communism. The European New Right, conversely, is defined by Race, Culture and Spiritualty. Thus, the latter is infinitely superior to the former.
Outside of politics, what are some of your personal interests, pursuits and pastimes?
I try to stay in shape as much as possible between writing and traveling the Long Island Rail Road, from one dead end to another. I have a naturally muscular body, so I have never had to “bulk up” to gain muscle mass—I already possess the “natural resources.” 

I am an avid arrowhead collector—I do not buy them on eBay (most of those are fakes!), I find them in a wooded area just minutes from my front door. (It’s my secret.) Most of the arrowheads I collect are thousands of years old. I am still not convinced that the Red man produced them, since so many are identical to the Solutrean points that are found in southwestern Europe.
I enjoy cooking, especially Italian food. My veal parmigian’ cannot possibly be improved upon—it melts in your mouth (which is more than I can say for the majority Mexican-operated “Italian” restaurants in the NYC area). And, believe me, my spaghetti sauce is much better than anyone’s little old Italian grandmother (my own included!). My barbeques aren’t half bad either!
I trained with the violin when I was young, so I have always possessed a great love for our beautiful Western musical tradition—for that which was produced up until November 6, 1893 (the date of the great Tchaikovsky’s death).
I absolutely adore my American Pit Bull Terrier, Buddy. He came into my life last December. He had been waiting for me to come home from the city that day, and the minute I opened the door I said, “Hello Buddy!” Even before I saw him, I knew exactly what he would look like. From that moment on, we have shared a deep spiritual connection. I honestly believe that the spirit of my last dog Fella (a Briard mix who passed away in February of 2010) incarnated into Buddy. There are innumerable signs—identical characteristics ranging in noticeability, from the vague to the glaringly obvious.
There is a great deal of prejudice surrounding the Pit-bull, which is totally unwarranted. Active in local humane societies, my family has been surrounded by hundreds of dogs through the years, and any competent veterinarian will tell you that Pit-bulls are phenomenal family dogs—as are other discriminated against breeds like Dobermans and Rottweilers. These beautiful creatures are unfortunately mistreated in many cases and taught to be “biters.” In my ideal society, those who operate dog-fighting rings and the like would themselves be condemned to torture and death.

I think many of us could learn a lot from you, both from your experiences and insights and from what I have learned thus far, through your writing, radio interviews, etc. I put you in the same field as personalities such as evolutionary psychologist Professor Kevin B. MacDonald (and his rather interesting 'Culture of Critique' trilogy), Odinist Stephen A. McNallen, intellectualist philosophers Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye, author, publisher and intellectual elitist Alex Kurtagić, acclaimed historian David Cadwell Irving, author and musician Troy Southgate, philosopher Julious Evola, former diplomat and author Dr. Tomislav Sunić, Francis Parker Yockey, and author and documentary film-maker Dr. David E. Duke. What are your views on these people and do you agree with any of their 'ideologies' or opinions? Indeed, is there anything that you disagree with in regard to these gentlemen's views?
I sincerely thank you for the immense compliment. The abovementioned men are giants. I certainly respect all of them, and have developed a good relationship with some of them. This is a company of men who are all so competent in their respective fields.
You have “founding father” types like Evola and Yockey—the first providing the most essential spiritual foundation of our philosophy, and the second providing the political. If anyone could be the “front-man” for the New Right it would be Dr. Tom Sunić. He is a captivating speaker and a true genius in articulating the many currents and trends of the New Right. He is also one of the most accomplished men that I have the honor and privilege of calling a friend.
Then there is Dr. Kevin MacDonald who specializes in a field I know almost nothing about—psychology. I appreciate the good work he is doing within the American Third Position Party (along with Dr. Sunić). I would like to see Dr. MacDonald bring the A3P to national prominence.
As someone who majored in History, I have the utmost respect for David Irving, who has put his reputation on the line in order to tell the truth about the Third Reich and the Second Great White Civil War (WWII)—he is a man of great courage. Dr. David Duke is another man of tremendous courage who has fought the “system” against all odds. Here in the U.S., he is a true legend in the eyes of every racially conscious White person. I would like to meet him someday.
Music is also very important in order to mobilize our Cause—to get it out to the broader Folk (especially the youth). On this front, Troy Southgate and Alex Kurtagić are doing an excellent job.
And, of course, there are many other giants out there who are “fighting the good fight” on behalf of our Race and Civilization—giants who do not get a proper amount of media coverage (if any coverage at all).
What is your view regarding the folk-based European-pagan revivalism of Asatru/Odinism, which seems to be growing significantly?
I support it. The Ancient Wisdom of our indigenous European religions was stamped out mercilessly by the Church, time and time again throughout history. This supremely misguided act of persecution was committed to the detriment of our Race and Civilization. It was the legacy of the perverse Semitic mindset, not the Aryan Soul.
How many countless sages and God-men of the Old Tradition were put to death at the hands of homosexual Inquisitors! How many beautiful women were called “witches” and executed simply because they possessed a higher Wisdom than their male accusers?!
It is a tenet of belief among the C.O.R.E. group of IMPERIUM EUROPA (C.O.R.E. standing for Core Organization Revolutionary Elite) that members should embrace a nature-oriented (environmentally sound) cosmological belief, including primordial pagan wisdom. Tied to this point, there must be a revival of ancient Aryan values, pre-dating False “Weakling Supremacist” Christianity and other philosophical derivatives of Slave Morality and Materialism.
So yes, we of IMPERIUM EUROPA strongly encourage our Folk to explore and embrace the indigenous Indo-European religions—any or all of them.
Today, those who oppose the virtual genocide of their people and near destruction of their culture, heritage and traditions, are classified as racists and bigots - at least this is directed to those Whites who attempt to counter the experiment of a one-world latte coloured mono culture and folk. I reject this. I see us as the true 'anti-racists' and those who refer to us with idiotic labels such as Fascist and Nazi (almost always spewed from the mouths of those who in reality have no real understanding of either term) - these 'genocidists' are the real haters and racists. I say this because I see with clarity that they are the ones who want to destroy distinctiveness and beauty, they are the ones who want to irreversibly bring true and cherished diversity to an end. They are the ones who are pushing for an end to individuality both on a singular and universal scale. They are the real haters. They are the ones who want to destroy the uniqueness of diversity and culture and the heritages of all the different peoples of the world. In place of true diversity, they want to implement one indistinct mono-culture and race. I have also noticed that these people who adhere to genocidism, these genocistists, praise those who want to 'Free Tibet', and yet people cannot see the double standard in their policy of a cultural and racial holocaust against Whites. You are praised and held on a pedestal if you counter the genocide of Tibetan culture, heritage and tradition, yet you are a bigot and a hater if you counter the systematic destruction of White culture, heritage, tradition and freedom. These same people often promote the destruction of unique beauty through mass, uncontrolled immigration and miscegenation yet also call those of us who criticise this destruction - and the racist, terrorist, supremacist State of Israel - as evil and anti-Semitic. Please tell us your views on all this?
I could hardly add anything more to your assessment. Everything you say is so true. Of course there is that double standard in how “genocide” is interpreted. “If you are European or European-descended, then you have no right to complain.” This is the Enemy’s main thesis (I include both non-Whites and White Leftists/Liberals in this definition of the “Enemy”). “Free Tibet” is one example. A better one, of course, is Israel—the only recognized National Socialist State in the world.
The Jews can be racially aware and racially exclusive, we cannot. The Muds can be racially aware and racially exclusive, we cannot. The double standard is apparent to all, yet the politically correct mind/media/university/political/economic control of our Enemy prevents the double standard from being articulated.
Today, some of the worst cases of anti-White genocide can be found in South Africa and the former Rhodesia. Here, Whites are being systematically terrorized, raped and slaughtered. This cannot be denied by anyone once exposed to the facts. However being exposed to the facts is very difficult due to the censorship of the media. The Enemy does not want you to know the facts. The Enemy wants you to know how “wonderful” Nelson Mandela is, and how “dynamic” the new South Africa is. Apartheid, like American slavery and the German P.O.W. camps, is described as the absolute “worst evil” that ever existed. No mention is made of the ongoing mass-rape of newborn infants in South Africa. No mention is made of the hundreds of millions of “hate crimes” committed by blacks against Whites in the United States since 1965 (since their true Emancipation via the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts). No mention is made of the 1 million sex crimes committed by illegal aliens in the United States between 1999 and 2006. No mention of the 25 Americans killed each day (on average) by the Mestizo swine—many more than are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. No mention of the population replacement occurring in every Western land (I will not use the laughable term “immigration”). And of course no mention is made of the anti-White genocide in southern Africa.
I would like to say that I think the Mormons have the right idea. While I admit that I ridiculed them in my First Edition, I have since changed my opinion. I still think their religion is somewhat of a cult, and I abhor the fact that they caved in when pressed on racial matters within the church. However, I respect the fact that Mormon Utah is the only place in the entire White World that is actually growing. Utah has a far more positive birthrate than any other White nation or region—and this is not due to illegal immigration. It is due to the fact that the Mormon culture encourages its overwhelmingly White followers to have many children. So, in this regard, whatever the Mormons are doing is working. As I see it, having as many children as possible is the simplest form of anti-genocide activism that one can engage in.
Today, I see many of our racial kinsmen trying to emulate other races, in attire, mannerisms, ghetto-language, music, etc. Indeed, as Guillaume Faye puts it in his book 'Why We Fight', there is an increasing Afro-Americanization of popular music. What are your views on this? Do you not think we have a lot to be proud of and that we should emphasize High Culture, classical, neo-Folk music, etc. over degenerative debasement?
Absolutely. But what Mr. Faye refers to as “Afro-Americanization” actually started many years ago, in the early years of the twentieth century. I am referring to jazz music. Jazz got the ball rolling, so to speak. This is something that all men of High Culture realized early on, including Dr. Joseph Goebbels. Jazz infested the minds of otherwise healthy young White men and women. It exposed White America and other parts of the White World to Negro culture for the first time. Before the acceptance of this musical abomination (this noise pollution), the Negro kept to his own nightclubs, restaurants and essentially to his own side of town.
By the 1950s, rock and roll music took off (the natural disharmonious offspring of jazz and blues), and our racial Enemies took note. The Jew disc-jockey Alan Freed was very aggressive in his promotion of rock music. This was no coincidence, as he knew the effect it would have on traditional White society. In fact, if you look up Alan Freed on Wikipedia, the second sentence of his entry reads: “He became internationally known for promoting African-American rhythm and blues music on the radio in the United States and Europe under the name of rock and roll.” That says it all.
Today, there is not even an attempt to put a White face (like Elvis’s) on Negro “culture.” Whites have so thoroughly accepted the black man’s babble that our future as both a Race and a High Culture seems most grim. Today it is all too common to see beautiful blonde haired, Nordic goddesses screaming and wailing away on the microphone like some old mammy. Truly disgusting! This is just part of what I refer to in my book as “Pornocratic Decay.”
When you see a “whigger” walking down the street with his pants down around his kneecaps, or in his “pimp mobile,” slumped in a downward position with his hat on backwards and blasting the infernal sounds of the Congo on his stereo, you are observing Pornocratic Decay. All that which is inimical to traditional Western Culture is enlisted in the army of Pornocratic Decay. (This includes the homosexual agenda, feminism, “modern art,” etc.)
Since music is such a spiritual art form, having the ability to inspire and mobilize like nothing else, it is essential that we get back to appreciating and creating our own Western music. I also discuss this in my book; our coming society will have two strata of High Culture: the Creators and the Appreciators. The first will be the cultural geniuses who create their godly works, and the second will be those who appreciate and disseminate the works. Obviously, the Appreciator type will be in greater abundance—yet they are no less vital to the overall health of our High Culture.
The point here is: we must get back to appreciating Strauss, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Verdi, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Borodin, et al., and then create more and better! Let the Negroes have their beloved Puff Daddy and Queen Latifah.
What is your view on the attorney Edgar J. Steele's case and verdict as a whole, especially with regard to such open corruption on behalf of the government?

I honestly do not know the particulars of the Edgar Steele case. It does not surprise me that the FBI would fabricate “evidence.” They do this all the time to get rid of those who the ZOG deems a “threat.” Time and again, one White leader after another is charged with “conspiracy to commit murder” or “child rape” or, at the very least, with “homosexuality” in order discredit that leader. This kind of fabrication happens all the time. Unfortunately, it is something that will continue until we seize power in our nations worldwide and destroy the ZOG.

In order to seize power we need One Vision, and we need to be able to coordinate our attack. Only IMPERIUM EUROPA is capable of delivering the master stroke against the Enemy.

If there was one thing you could change, what would it be?

Well, as you know, there is an awful lot that needs to be done. But a good start would be to drop political correctness. The race-consciousness of our Folk is not going to be heightened until we cease being afraid of the Truth—and more importantly, nothing will change until we cease being afraid of speaking the Truth.

We must “call a spade, a spade” even if it alienates our friends and family. It always amazes me how Whites will seemingly go to any length to be liked by races that hate them. We have all seen the timid White man or woman who kowtows to the savage black in public; the White professional who patronizes his or her black co-worker in order to score meaningless “brownie points.”

For years, there has been no greater social stigma than being called a “racist.” This one word carries far more fear than the word “witch” ever did! It seems as if your typical dumbed down White person would rather let his mother and sister be gang-raped, burnt alive and eaten by Zambezis than suffer the supreme degradation of being called a “racist.” This mentality is the master stroke of the Enemy, and it has got to go!

Therefore, the first revolutionary act of any racially conscious White person is to abandon politically correct thinking procedures—I say “procedures” because the entire system of lies has been built around the altar of PC-thought. We all know that large-scale PC-thought was first introduced in Bolshevist Russia, then successfully spread westward after the defeat of European Civilization in 1945. Since this tragic date, the world has been turned upside down by PC-thought; a totally anti-natural, inorganic form of social-based mind control implemented by the Culture-distorter. What is wrong is right, what is right is wrong; black is white, white is black, etc.

So yes, if I could only see one thing change for now, it would be the wholesale abandonment of PC-thought. Only then can change be initiated.

What is your vision of the future for America and our people, both within the U.S. and Europe? Indeed, what also is your view of the future for Europe as a whole and that of the world in general in the years to come? What are your views of the changing demographics and the effect it is having on Western Culture and Civilisation?

I see Europe the same way Francis P. Yockey saw Europe over half a century ago: as the last hope of the White Race and the Western Culture. If one studies this great man’s magnus opus, Imperium, and also his condensed sequel The Enemy of Europe, one will find that his words become truer with every passing year. Europe (most of the countries comprising the E.U.) is the cradle of our great Western Culture. Not the United States, not Canada, not Argentina, not Australia, not even Russia—but Europe.

Now, some might say: “Well, the United States is the world’s last remaining superpower, and so the U.S. should assume the leadership role in a future united Western Imperium.” To such a statement, I say: the U.S. already heads an alternative version of the Western Imperium—it is called NATO. And this, of course, is not an organization that has the best interests of the Western World in mind. It is a perverted, outdated organization used as an excuse to keep Negro- and Mestizo-American troops in Europe. Although an all-White North America will be one of the Seven Sacred World Territories of our coming IMPERIUM EUROPA, the United States today is the Enemy of Europe, just as it was in Yockey’s day. This is not something that is easy for an American like me to admit, but it is nevertheless true.

Furthermore, the United States (along with other “overseas European” nations like Australia and Argentina) can only fulfill its destiny as a colony of Europe. Western Culture has played only a secondary role in the development of the United States—it is the White cultural veneer on the plutocratic and now thoroughly multiracial civilization that has sprung up. So the U.S. could never truly “lead” Europe because the U.S. only identifies with the West as a “technicality”—the product of a bygone age in which the bond to the Mother Continent was much stronger. There is as much logic in the United States leading Europe as there would be for a newborn baby to be given a driver’s license.

Many scoffed at Igor Panarin when he predicted, as far back as 1998, that the United States was heading for a political disintegration—that each section of the country was going to be ceded to various countries. While I do not see the West Coast being annexed to China or the heart of Dixie to Mexico, as Panarin does, the Russian scholar is not entirely wrong. He possessed enough acumen to know that the U.S. is indeed headed for a breakup. The breakup is first of all cultural—I say “is” because many parts of the country (the Southwest, California, and our major urban areas) have already seceded culturally from the United States. Panarin recognized this over a decade ago, thousands of miles away, even as many American liberals on the U.S.-Mexico border still refuse to recognize this fact. As time goes on racial animosities will intensify, riots will ensue, “mini wars” will erupt, and regions with majority non-White inhabitants will declare their independence from the United States. This will constitute the political dissolution that Panarin predicted.

In the meantime, Europe must hold together. Europe must regain her composure and kick out all the unwelcome guests that have been streaming through her gates since her defeat in 1945. This is not a deluded dream or fantasy—it must be done. Otherwise we will die out as a Race, and the red-hot flame of our superior Western Culture will be extinguished forever.

Who inspires you politically, philosophically, personally?

Currently, no one more than Norman Lowell. He has put it all on the line to stand up for our Race and Culture, going to court multiple times, risking jail time of course. Norman has been fighting the good fight for over thirty years, often as an army of one. Yet since his Struggle began, the IDEA has germinated and has finally sprouted, attracting followers and sympathizers all over the world. People watch Norman’s speeches online, and they are captivated by him. He has an oratorical brilliance comparable to that of Oswald Mosley. No other White Nationalist leader has this kind of dynamism. Moreover, Norman has advanced Yockey’s IMPERIUM-IDEA like no one else—the only true Weltanschauung for White People worldwide.

What authors would you recommend to readers with a similar political and intellectual persuasion as yours?
I think a good start would be:
  • Norman’s Imperium Europa
  • Yockey’s Imperium
  • Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra and The Gay Science
  • Evola’s essential trilogy: Revolt Against the Modern World; Men Among the Ruins; Ride the Tiger
  • Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun
  • The Hero’s Mein Kampf
  • William Gayley Simpson’s Which Way Western Man?
I am often asked, mostly by whites but at times others, why I care about my race and its continued existence. Indeed, some have expressed interest but also questioned me as to why it matters if our race dies out furthered by the query of ‘Isn't it just fine that we all just get along and work towards a better world in a multicultural existence?’. I would be interested in your view?

Yes, that is certainly the predominant view in academia. Race does not matter, in fact there is no such thing as race, according to the so-called “scholars.” They like to drum into the impressionable young ears of their students that race is a “social construct,” and that the human species is biologically united. Such a view is similar to the “all men are created equal” argument—another fantasy.

Although it is not directly admitted by the multiracial crowd, the prime motivation for mongrelization (or race-mixing) is the destruction of the White Race. There is both a conscious and subconscious acknowledgement of the fact that once the White Race is destroyed, High Culture will also be destroyed, and the brown-skinned masses will be easily controlled. This is something the Jew has been planning for centuries, from Bar-Kokhba to Marx.

The point is: there are those who have a vested interest in the destruction of the White Race. Although promoted as “multiculturalism,” that is not the true agenda; mongrelization and mass-control by a Jew elite is the true agenda.

You are white, you are proud to be white and you want to see the continuance of your race, heritage, culture, and traditions. This, despite what our detractors say, has absolutely nothing to do with 'hating' other races or cultures. Would I be right in this statement?

You are 100 percent right. Pride in one’s race, heritage, culture, etc. is not directly linked to hating others. In fact, most people who are secure enough in themselves and comfortable with their ethno-cultural background will frequently find positive traits in other groups as well. For example, I admire Japanese culture very much. They are a people with a strong sense of positive altruism or doing right by their “own,” as opposed to the entirely negative altruism that predominates in the West (i.e. doing right by those who are wholly dissimilar to ourselves). The Samurai Code of Bushido is very similar to our own Western Code of Chivalry. And compared to the filthy nations that surround them (like China, the Koreas and the Philippines), Japan is in a league of its own as far as cleanliness is concerned.

So, the truly racially conscious have no need to hate other races and cultures—the love of one’s own race/culture preoccupies the racially conscious individual. Hate is a waste of time. A point that both I and Norman emphasize in our books is that true Warriors do not hate their enemies. They fight with a superhuman spirit and ferocity, but they do not hate. In fact, if their adversary is formidable enough, Warriors often admire and respect their enemy. This is a principle found within our ancient Code of Chivalry (and it can also be found within the Japanese Code of Bushido).

Nevertheless, whenever a non-Warrior, mercantile caste tries to undermine the very existence of an aristocratic Warrior race/culture, there is a natural enmity that is produced; an intensified enmity—a hatred. This is because the Warrior race/culture does not (and never will) understand the non-Warrior merchant-type. They are polar opposites; both groups are in total opposition to each other, on a scale similar to the positive and negative sides of a battery. In this regard, “hate” is an Organic outcome.

Having been bandied about so much and so undeservedly (see for example the online documentary film, 'The Darkside of the ADL' – and the major Jewish production 'Defamation' by Yoav Shamir (reviewed by Gilad Atzman) do you feel, as I do, that the derogatory term and epithet 'anti-semite' has now become defunct. Would you agree? When I say this I mean that it has lost all true meaning because it is thrown around so willy-nilly - and because this term is thrown around so much at undeserved targets it has lost its true meaning and subsequently dishonours those who are truly victims of genuine 'anti-semitism.' Additionally, in 2002 syndicated columnist, journalist, and writer Michael Joseph Sobran stated "An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews." and British Captain Archibald H. Maule Ramsey, M.P. stated in his circa 1952 publication 'The Nameless War' that "The phrase 'anti-semite' is merely a propaganda word used to stampede the unthinking public into dismissing the whole subject from their minds without examination: so long as that is tolerated these evils will not only continue, but grow worse." - would you agree with any of the above and what is your opinion?

The concept of “anti-Semitism” is inorganic in that it defies logic! The premise is that one can be “anti-Semitic,” yet one cannot be pro-Semitic or anti-Aryan. The fact that every facet of existence is characterized by polarity except this one outdated, farcical term proves that there is something seriously wrong with its usage and application. In this way, the term “anti-Semitic” is less logical than other buzzwords, like “racist” and “discrimination,” because at least these words still have antitheses, such as “anti-racist” and “tolerance.”

But Captain Ramsey’s definition is entirely correct. Once “anti-Semitic” is thrown at an ideological adversary of the ZOG, then all debate comes to an abrupt end. A nervous reaction occurs which is very similar to a group of third-graders who hear one of their classmates call the teacher a name, and who are then socially programmed to wail in unison, “Oooh, I’m tellin’!”

As far as I am concerned, if anti-Semitism exists in the world, it is well warranted. One cannot expect a group of people as persecuted as the Palestinians (for example) to be anything but anti-Zionist. If this translates to mean “anti-Semitic” in the world of PC-thought, then so be it. (Although it is very ironic for Arabs to be called “anti-Semites” when they are the true Semites, and the Jews are the descendants of Central Asian Khazars.) Nor can Whites be expected to be pro-Jew when the latter are so actively trying to extinguish our Race and Culture.

What is your view on the growing presence of Islam within America and Europe as a whole? It seems to me that here in the UK many focus on the 'Muslim menace' (and indeed we are capitulating in various ways, such as offering Halal meat in schools, hospitals, etc. as the Daily Mail has recently exposed without the public's knowledge). Would you agree that Islam needs to be curtailed in the UK full stop, or do you see those that focus so much on this issue (BNP, EDL, etc.) as simply sniping at the symptoms of a greater and deeper problem, as opposed to rather focusing on removing the cancerous cause at the root of it all - uncontrolled open border immigration, treasonous politically correct egalitarian liberal politicians, Zionist puppet masters behind international finance, mass media and politics? (Please see for example Dr. David Duke's online radio interview with Mike Conner on October 27th 2010 and his January 18th 2011 interview with Dr. Tomislav Sunić). What is your view?

You make very good points. I also have compared the many problems affecting us to a medical procedure. Of course no one who is racially conscious wants these fifth columnist Muslims in our White nations, just as no one wants the filthy Mexicans, Indians, and all the rest.

However, there comes a time when the fatigued and faltering Western Patient has to ask himself a question: “Do I want to continue my chemotherapy when I have found a definitive cure for Cancer?” The “definitive cure” is not simply getting rid of the Third World Invaders; the definitive cure is in getting rid of those who are responsible for granting the Muds entry in the first place.

The definitive cure is too radical for groups like the BNP or the Tea Party (here in the States), because these parties are still very much a part of the system. Now, I do not intend to badmouth many of the good people “fighting the good fight” in these organizations, but once you begin attacking the system, and once you begin talking of a “definitive cure,” then your message is effectively neutralized. The media attacks begin, evidence is fabricated and used against you in court, and then you risk jail time or worse.

It is not my intent to sound pessimistic, I am just being realistic about our current situation. I believe we can and will overcome this dark period. However, we must know what we are up against and become more clever than those who are out to get us.

In due time, all of the Muds will be sent packing, as will the mixed-race offspring and White spouses of interracial unions. They will be sent back to Africa, to Asia, to Araby, to Mestizo-land; I have no doubts about this. But first, we must find the “definitive cure” to all of our problems. I maintain that the IMPERIUM-IDEA is the only definitive cure on the market!

What plans do you have for the future, politically and otherwise - and do you have any future plans for further texts?

Well, as you know, the Second Edition to Volume One of The Imperian Manifesto will be appearing very soon, courtesy (again) of Lulu Press. I also have many future volumes planned, as the IDEA is incomprehensibly vast—including everything from race, culture and politics to spirituality and metaphysics.

As far as politics, I have nothing planned at the moment. However, that can all change if the timing is right. I will say this: If I was to run in an election for a seat in Brussels (as a close friend of mine recently suggested), I would win.

My family name is the archaic Italian word for “Brussels.” Coincidence?

How can people contact you and do you maintain a website?

Unfortunately, I do not maintain a website at the moment. However, those interested in purchasing a copy of The Imperian Manifesto (First Edition), can find it on You can also visit the Facebook page I created for the Second Edition and show your support:

Otherwise, the best way to contact me would be through email:

Are there any final words you would like to give?
I would just like to take this time to urge all of your readers to become more acquainted with the IDEA of IMPERIUM EUROPA, and to visit Norman Lowell’s website for more information:
Thank you Mr. Caius Marcus Ideus for this extremely enlightening interview. This has been a true honour for me indeed.
It was my pleasure. Thank you.

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