About Fyrnsidu Project

The Fyrnsidu Project is an initiative dedicated to exploring the pre-christian Native Faith of Europe through interviewing the various and diverse personalities involved with the reconstruction and furtherment of such spiritualities.

In 2012 the project has now taken a different path to how it started and will focus solely on the Native Faith of Europe.

Initially the project was started to incorporate both Native Faith research and understanding but also to explore the "ideas, thoughts, insights and ideology of those on the Alternative New Right, those intellectual elites whose views are counter to the liberal, neo-Communist/Freudo-Marxist, egalitarian, and politically correct mainstream, and also those involved with the exploration and reconstruction of our ancestral native faith. The Project will focus on discussing topics that are of primary importance in our contemporary times and cover areas ranging from alternative political thinking to the revivalism of our ancestral folkway."

For various reasons it has been decided to concentrate our efforts on the indiginous religions of Europe.
It is hoped, and we wish, that through our ongoing series of interviews they can help to understand the world around us in a far clearer, or at least alternative, way and perspective, rather than through that which is enforced upon us by the controlled media. We also wish to educate and elucidate, and strive to clear up misconceptions and clarify ideas and potential idealogies and support for those not fully versed in the alternative... the counter... the future.

Nikarev Leshy, Shropshire, England.

Knowledge: A Perspective from the 'An Occasional Comment' series by Nikarev Leshy.