The Interviews

You may notice that a number of questions in the various interviews below that were conducted by the Fyrnsidu Project (Shropshire, England) are exactly the same. This has been intentional on our part to garner a variety of diverse views and perspectives on the same issue and as such it has not been felt necessary to re-word them.

* Interview with Caius Marcus Ideus - June 2011

* Interview with Kyle J. Bristow – June 2011

* Interview with Rafał Merski – May 2011 - Leader, 'Watra' Slavic Pagan Organisation, Poland.

* Interview with Norman Lowell - May 2011

* Interview with Nikola Pacek-Vetnić of Svarun (Сварун) - 2011

* Interview with Dave Lumsden (Davidian) of Ashes - 2011